A day in London: getting things done is just a matter of logistics

My Wednesdays are usually work days and Fridays are school days but it’s half term so I’ll work on Friday which leaves today to relaxing and catching up with some chores.

On my list today: wake up early and do some homework (partially checked; I woke up early but had coffee in bed and read instead), do hair and put on nice make up then have picture taken for ID renewal (not even close to checked but I can proudly say I showered!), visit friend for cozy afternoon (I will definitely check that), go out tonight to a posh place for drinks and live music (I am determined to check that as well).

Now…the thing is that my friend lives a bit far from my place so once I’ll leave the house I am gone for the day. The other thing is that it’s a crappy rainy day in London today and rain is not good for hair, makeup, nice shoes etc.

So here is my plan:

1. In the evening I am supposed to look like this


2. But the evening is few hours and bus/tube journeys away so I’ll accessorize my little black dress accordingly


3. Except for the comfy jumper, I’ll also wear comfy leggings

4. And wellies and raincoat


5. While shoes and pantyhose will be packed in my bag


6. Oh! I forgot about the photos! I guess I’ll try to walk as fast as possible to the nearest photo shop (is this what it’s called?), hair in a bun and a big umbrella protecting my makeup from rain. There I’ll take off my jumper and try to look stylish and classy for the photo that will be on my ID for the next ten years. Thank all gods I have no pimples today! I mean I have two or three but under my jaw, no photographer can capture that.

7. Finally, don’t forget Oyster and Mind the Gap!

P.S. Not that I am trying to pass as a trendsetter, we all know I have no style, but in case you are wondering, the raincoat is from M&S and it is my first raincoat ever. Wellies and shoes are from Aldo. Wellies were bought on sale because I can’t possible pay more than £20 for rubber boots. Just can’t.

9 things Rosie the Londoner proudly does and you should never do

I would have liked my comeback article to be about me but I had a sudden change of heart. Somehow, I found out that The Londoner was in the Daily Mail today. When I say “somehow” I mean “by mistake” because I don’t read things like Daily Mail. It is poor journalism and it makes me mad. Speaking about poor journalism, The Londoner was presented as this extremely committed blogger, that writes every single day (ahem!) and discloses all her freebies (ahem!). Why poor journalism? Because they didn’t check the facts. A five minutes stroll around her blog would have settled the things straight. Like not only she doesn’t blog daily (which is fine but don’t claim you are doing it) but she also blogs late. She covered LFW two weeks later and it was mostly about her (why God, why?).

Anyways, now that I am convinced Daily Mail is exactly what I thought it was, let me tell you about 9 (nine) things Rosie does and you should never do (I had this in drafts for quite a while, thought it’s a good moment to bring some sense into the heads of Rosie’s teen fans).

1. Getting naked all the fuckin’ time. Listen up, people. There is a time and a place to get naked. You get naked in the privacy of your own home, at a nude beach, when you have sex (that’s optional), in the shower (that’s not optional) etc. Nobody has to put up with your naked bum or worse, vagina, because you are “a free spirit”. One example, the vacation in Switzerland, where she appalled the entire group with her nudity (the rest of the people kept their clothes on, apparently). Please be a free spirit on your own time.

2. Posting all your naked pictures on all social media outlets. Do I really have to explain this? Breaking news, internet never forgets. Rosie does it, but pretty please, Rosie’s fans, restrain yourself from doing it as well. I don’t know about Rosie’s future plans but I am sure most of you might want to have a serious job at one point, a partner that respects you, children that will look up to you. Naked pictures all over the internet won’t help you. Like I said at number 1, there is a time and a place for being naked. Being naked all the time and all over the place doesn’t make you look desirable. Makes you look desperate for attention and ridiculous.

3. Drinking more alcohol than water. I can resume a healthy life style in two numbers: 5 (fruits and veggies a day) and 2 (liters of water a day). Alcohol is nice but being sober every now and then is also nice. Rosie has drinks in the morning, at lunch, on the train, on the plane, at her five o’clock tea, at supper, at pudding, after supper etc. NO. Just NO.

4. Eat 50 burgers a week and 1000 puddings. Or pretend you are eating all that.

5. Calling food slutty, naughty, guilty etc. Please don’t have a relationship with food! Especially not a sexual one!  Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

5. Not exercise. Or pretend not to exercise. (The thing Rosie does on the grass in her video is not exercising. That was mainly made to show off legs/boobs/bum). Remember: if it doesn’t make you sweat is not exercising.

6. Publishing the love notes from your “chap” on social media. Keep stuff for yourselves, girls. Some things are yours and yours only. Cherish them in private. They will lose meaning if shared with strangers. I know you want people to envy you that you have the best boyfriend ever…but why?

7. Read fashion magazines all day every day. I am not saying you shouldn’t read fashion magazines. I am saying you shouldn’t read ONLY fashion magazines. Don’t you want some wit and brains under that perfectly styled hair of yours? Grab a book then.

8. Have a master-slave relationship with your girlfriends. It’s disturbing and gross. Why would you want someone following you around like a puppy and do whatever you want? How insecure  are you to need this kind of sick confirmation? (If you need people looking up to you as if you are a goddess or something, please seek professional help).

9. Pretend you didn’t get a boob job when you obviously did. Let me get this straight: it is absolutely fine to do whatever you want with your body. It is absolutely fine to refuse to give details about it to random people. It is absolutely WRONG to claim you were born like that, especially when your crowd of fans consist in a bunch of teen girls and especially when you make a living out of these teen girls. They pay your bills and you cause them body image issues. Not fair.

P.S. A basic rule for when you get dressed to go out: if legs on display, cover breast; if breast on display, cover legs. Unless you wanna look like you are paid by the hour, of course.

One toilet cubicle, five legs and a boot… it’s probably just nothing, right?


Hmmmm…some people….:))

Originally posted on Metro:

Toilet threesome, Imgur, Paperkut, Toilet cubicle, Sex in public, Threesome

Nothing says romance like a threesome in a public loo (Picture: Paparkut/Imgur)

Oi oi, what the flipping heck’s going on here then?

Of the many things you wouldn’t expect to see when entering a public toilet, three pairs of legs (well, two pairs and one single leg) crammed into one cubicle is up there.

But that’s exactly what one unsuspecting loo-goer encountered.

So what the hell were they up to?

Sure, one of them may have had a nosebleed and the other two rushed in to help, and had to take off all their clothes to soak up the blood. Or maybe three friends had just been shopping and decided they had to change into their new clothes that instant… in the same toilet cubicle.

But let’s be honest, they were probably enjoying a three-way rumpy pumpy session.

But if that’s the case… what position do you call this?!


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Sunday: A Fine Balance, Jack the Ripper, Peppa Pig

I have just finished reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. A sad tale of a few individuals living in India. The central idea is that some people adapt to changes and loses and some don’t. Pretty much, a story like life itself: bittersweet.

Each book we read conveys more than one message. For one, there is the obvious message, that stays with us throughout the reading and then there are the discreet messages that we only receive if they are addressed to us. We all have questions that torment us and we are all looking for confirmation for what we do and what we think. When so, we have the feeling that our own universe is trying to answer us or agree/disagree with us on all possible channels. Then all that we read and hear and see become so personal, feeding our minds, quests or anxieties. 

Rohinton Mistry left me a message in his book, sensing I needed confirmation. I believe that a person comes with many layers, some to keep them safe (lcoldness, arrogance), some to keep them warm (love, joy). Sometimes the layers come off and on in great speed and one might lose sense of how that person really is. Some keep the layers that keep them safe for too long while others never wear them or wear them casually, like you wear a rain coat on your arm, thinking it might rain. If the rain comes strong and sudden, you might not be able to put on the coat before getting soaking wet. 

The thing is, I often forget about how many layers people wear and I don’t have patience to wait for them to reveal themselves to me. And it’s not because I am in big hurry. Because I am not. This is what this book reminded me of: to be patient with people, if not for their sake, at least for mine. Some of their layers might match with mine. Some of their demons might want to play with mine.

My fav quote in a Fine Balance

My fav quote in a Fine Balance

On a different note, here are the news of the weekend for me (I leave out the wars, the beheading executions and crashed planes, though):

- An American teen was arrested because he W R O T E in an assignment how he shot his neighbour’s pet dinosaur with a gun. USA allows people to own guns without many restrictions and that 9 year old girl that shot her instructor by accident is free (not that she should be jailed, it was an accident). And this boy wrote a piece of fiction and got arrested. Blimey!

- Identity of the serial killer Jack the Ripper is finally unveiled and … tadaaaa….he was a Polish immigrant. UKIP was right, after all (thank Zeus he was not Romanian, pfewww).

- Last but not least, apparently Peppa Pig is haram! A Muslim, incredibly offended by the pink piggie, wants her banned from TV and requests for halal versions of cartoons. Will ISIS put this on their agenda, I wonder?

Creme de la creme comes from my mother land. I don’t know which one to tell you, our politicians do so many blunders! For example, the new thing is that the minister in charge with the Romanians abroad has absolutely no idea how many Romanians are abroad. He “estimates” less than a million in Italy and over a million in Spain. I estimate that too, and nobody pays me a minister’s salary, darn it. Except there are few more other countries in Europe and few other continents on the globe where Romanians are spread but the matter is out of hands. Therefore, he asked THE ORTHODOX CHURCHES in foreign countries to give him an estimate. I suggest that Romania should close the embassies and consulates, the Ministry of Interiour and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and open churches worldwide. In Romania there are more churches than hospitals, anyway…

That’s all for now. I will try to slowly get out of my misery this week because the plans are building up for the weekend. Also, I brought these two babies home the other day. Which one shall I start next?


Autumn resolution: to get out of other people’s mess so that I can make my own

I am amazed by how many things I’ve done today. 

I woke up at 9, had coffee and breakfast in bed(oat crackers with rasberry jam, apricots and peaches)  while reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. At around 11 I coloured my hair (I only do root touch up in my natural colour so no need for a hairdresser appointment), had a long shower and read some more. Later on I fixed myself a salad for lunch, read some more and cleaned up my room. Did the dishes and a load of laundry, changed my bed sheets, finished something I was supposed to finish on Tuesday, did my hair, read some more, had more peaches and a cup of tea, did another load of laundry. I didn’t do grocery shopping, hence no dinner for me. A glass of milk will do. 

Big deal, you might say. People do these things and more every single day and don’t brag about it on blogs. Believe me, I know, it’s just I have been in a sort of self destructive stage the past month and yesterday I decided I should get out of it unless I want to go back to depression. I’ve been there too many times and it’s no fun. 

I was off from work in August and what started as relaxation ended up being a sort of slow suicide. Mind you, I didn’t eat properly, I didn’t drink enough water and I over slept every single day. The result: no energy, exhaustion, white paper face and anxiety. 

I had a therapy session yesterday and my assessment was the worse ever. The therapist started digging for the reasons which came out eventually. I knew I was not in a good place, this lasts for a few months already. The whole situation is beyond my control, I am a victim of other people’s choices (story of my life, always trapped in someone’s mess) so at an unconscious level I retorted to my ugly reality: oversleeping to face less of it, starving myself to feel I have control over something. 

I know exactly what I need to function properly: a coffee a day, veggies and fruits, meat or fish, lots of water, exercise and a good sleep, no longer than 9 hours (I can sleep 10 to 12 but I feel horrible afterwards). I didn’t do any of this in August or I did some but not much and always without enthusiasm and I am ashamed of myself.

My resolution for this autumn is to be out of people’s mess so that I can make my own. I am so careful with my life and my choices that I basically have no major problems with what is under my control: I love my nanny job and the family I work for, at school I am doing great, beyond all my expectations, the friends I’ve made in London are all nice and decent, my writing is going well, my English is improving thanks to all the books I keep reading etc. My only problems are other people’s problems and I must put an end to this, no matter the price.

So, Christmas will find me in a new apartment and it will be jolly, with no one getting in my business, snapping at me, criticizing every move I make or don’t make, barking at me for daring to have reactions or opinions. At the end of the day is each for their own, right?