Project LOVE

Tomorrow, February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is a celebration of love we have adopted from Americans. I find nothing attractive in this holiday. Too many hearts, too much pink. I guess I am just not that kind of girl. The only thing I love about Valentine’s Day is the innapropriate amount of chocolate involved. You know what they say: all we need is love but a little chocolate now and then, doesn’t hurt.

On February 24th we celebrate Dragobete Day. It is a Romanian celebration of love and I am ashamed to admit, I don’t know much about it. All I know is that Dragobete kisses the girls and that it is not a tradition from Oltenia, the region I am from. For a few years now, I am more and more fond of Romanian traditions. I want them celebrated, preserved, perpetuated. I have the feeling that Romanians put behind their traditions and adopt glossy celebrations from “young” countries. I feel like I am losing my identity. And I am no patriot. I would leave Romania tomorrow, if I could but I would take with me the stuffed cabbage, polenta, the mărțișor, the painting of eggs on Easter, the lamb tripte, the home made sour cherry jam…By the way, my polenta with cheese and sour cream, rocked the world of a Mexican. I told you I take my polenta wherever I go.

Tomorrow I will start a personal project. Between February 14 – 24, I will write daily posts about love, no less than 100 words each. I will write about love, about what I love, about how I love. Each post will be completed by a song I like and by a picture from my personal archive.

Love makes the world go round. Love and chocolate. So let the love start: love for self, love for your significant other, for your parents, your dogs or cats, shared love, unshared lov, secret love, obssesive love etc. Life and love have no borders for me. I don’t believe that age, color or sex should be obstacles in pursuing love. Tell me your love stories at I will publish the most beautiful one when the project ends. The beauty of a love story doesn’t lie in the happy ending. A love story is beautiful if it leaves marks, if it makes your soul smile when it comes to your mind even for one second, if it makes you better.

The same project but in Romanian, unfolds on Moreover, between February 14-24, I will write daily posts on, explaining the reasons why I love this city. A reason a day.

Let’s spread the love!  



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