Project LOVE / Day 1

My first love note is for all the big, unknown cities out there. I have butterflies in my stomach each time I walk a city I don’t know. Not to know where I am, not to know where I end up if I take left or right, this is pure lust to me. I love walking aimlessly streets I don’t know, among people that mean nothing to me and for whom I don’t exist. I love how small and insignificant I feel among tall, unfamiliar buildings. I don’t how one feels when first coming to the world but I imagine it is quite similar to how I feel when I try to find my way in a new city: the feeling that you can start over, that you can be whoever you want to be, that there is nothing standing in your way. When the city is completely unknown to me, I know I don’t belong to the city but the city belongs to me, that I have all of it, entirely at my feet. 


This picture was taken when I first strolled Toronto. I didn’t know I was in Dundas Square, I didn’t know how I got there or how was I supposed to get back home. In fact, back then I didn’t even know what Dundas Square was, all my knowledge about Toronto was CN Tower. Priceless! )


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