Project LOVE / Day 4


I love the days when I do nothing and then I rest. These are the days when I disconect from reality and I spend quality time with myself. These are the days when my phone is on silent mode and the TV is off. These days are terribly lazy and unproductive but I love them and I need them to return to myself and to my needs. I usually spend these days in my jammies, in bed, reading, sleeping, writing or enjoying one of my too many guilty pleasures: shitty TV series, shitty music, unacceptable amounts of chocolate and cookies or paparazzi magazines. Some call it depression, some call it laziness, some may even call it misantrophy. I call it Me time. For a few days, I afford the luxury to only care about myself.
I spent almost two weeks of Me time on this beach in Lloret de Mar, Spain. Me, the Mediteranean Sea, the castle, a beach towel and a novel by Anais Nin. Speaking of Spain, this should be a good time to let you find out about my guiltiest pleasure of all:)

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