Project LOVE / Day 5


Day 5 is dedicated to my little sister. For those of you who don’t know much about my little sister, there are some very relevant blog posts about her on both my blogs. Let me tell you the story of these blog posts. I write something about her which at first drives her mad and she swears she will NEVER talk to me again unless I delete what I wrote about her. I never delete and she never stops talking to me. After a while, she starts to think that the blog post that drove her mad before, it is actually kind of funny now. And at one point she even asks me: “Why don’t you write about me anymore? Look, you wrote about Cristina again. Is she your sister, or what?” So I write about her again, because I am such a good sister and then she never talks to me again and so on. Over and over again.


I cannot help myself writing about her. She is so special. I am actually very happy to have unlimited acces to this huge amount of romance.She is such a dreamer, such a simpleton, she is spoiled, whiny, she cries when watching movies, long story short she is like a sweet cake with lots of cream and lots of syrup. I am exactly the opposite, hence my happiness to have her at hand. As a future writer, I won’t be able to write about whores and stupid women forever and ever. At one point, I will have to bring to life a seraphic character who believes that love conquers all, who loves and suffers and forgives but won’t give up, no matter the amount of shit that happens to them. Well, my little sister is the prototype for this character. I will probably name her Hope or Blue or Tear or something.



So this is my little sister. We took this picture in Greece where we spent a holiday together, just the two of us, in 2010, few months before I started writing. I remember that before we left Romania, I had asked her to put some summer music on her iPod, to listen to while we are at the beach. When we got there and we wanted to listen to some summer music, guess what? She had uploaded a wrong folder. And not just any folder, but a Christmas music folder. And she wants me to stop writing about her? Really now?


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