Project LOVE / Day 10

I love to be in love! Unlike other people (take for example, my little sister), I keep my shit together when I am in love. Meaning, I sleep at night, I don’t lose my appetite, I don’t start looking for my bridal gown, my head stays on my shoulders and my feet stay on the ground. The only difference is that I start including him in my life. It is not just Me anymore, it is Us. And this means so many things…

If, from varius reasons, we break up while I am still in love, I don’t lose control. I still eat and sleep and mind my own business like before. But, I think of me more and more, I think of him less and less and I stop thinking of us. Then I patiently wait to fall out of love as nothing in this world is forever. After all that is done, I am as good as new and ready to fall in love again. Memories are to be cherished, not to haunt you. Less the drama, more beautiful the love.


Hercule’s cave at Atlantic Ocean in Tanger, Marocco. A great place to fall in love:)


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