1. I want to learn Greek.
  2. I never say no to chocolate.
  3. I am a procrastinator. I wish I weren’t.
  4. I don’t like to clean up. I clean up when I have something important to do, though. Because I am a procrastinator.
  5. There is no food I don’t like. I like some food more than other, but I could eat anything. Probably it has something to do with my childhood, during communism, when food was scarce and so it was heat and electricity and clothes.
  6. Every time I peel an orange I think of Christmas. During communism, we had oranges for Christmas only.
  7. I don’t know how to swim.
  8. I don’t believe in stereotypes. I have met good Muslims, bad Christians, cold Latinos, warm Germans, honest Gypsies, black racists, rude Canadians etc. I judge people by their actions only.
  9. I don’t know how to ride a bike.
  10. Sometimes, I don’t like people.
  11. I don’t mind being alone. I denied this for a very long time, because society says it is wrong and weird to like being alone. I embrace it now. And I fuck society.
  12. I like meeting people with different backgrounds and listen to their stories. It makes the world look smaller.
  13. I dream big. I don’t mind if some dreams don’t come true. It all starts with dreaming.
  14. I will live in New York one day. Not forever, but for at least one summer.
  15. I need to read. It is my escape from reality.
  16. I also need time off from my life, from time to time.
  17. I run away a lot. I don’t know how to fix things, so I run away from them. If I could change one thing about me, it would be this.
  18. I need a coffee to start my day.
  19. Sometimes, I feel like I need alcohol to finish my day. Or weed. But I stay away from both, because I am affraid of addiction. Addiction makes you lose control.
  20. I am a control freak.
  21. I trust all people until I am proven wrong. Once a person loses my trust, they will never get it back.
  22. I put people on pedestals. When they are knocked down, I feel betrayed.
  23. I want to tour South America. I want to spend some months on an exotic island, mingle with locals. I don’t feel like visiting Paris. I don’t know why. But I am an Amsterdam girl, for sure.
  24. I would like to have a child with a man coming from a very mixed family, so mixed, he can’t remember his roots. I would also like to adopt a child.
  25. I can spend a night in, reading and going to bed at 10 or I can spend a night out, drinking and making out with boys, till dawn.
  26. I can shop till I drop or I can cook all day long.
  27. I can talk to you about Mars, politics, travel industry, literature, life or I can talk to you about Facebook, clothes, make up, stupid TV series, commercial music, boys, sex. In three languages.
  28. I am learning French.
  29. I don’t do Math.
  30. I write. For so many reasons.
  31. I don’t keep diets.
  32. I make friends easily, if I want to.
  33. I can speak about myself for hours. I can tell you one million things that happened to me. In the end, you will know nothing about me.
  34. I can’t talk to stupid people. They make me wanna punch them in the face.
  35. I hate people that throw garbage on the ground. I pick it up and put it in the bin and they laugh. Assholes.
  36. I love nature. I hate camping.
  37. I would like to live in house by the water, close to a forest.
  38. I like silence.
  39. I like people that are creative and people that are living their dream. They have a certain energy, that is good for me.
  40. I admire people that give up everything to follow a dream. I can’t do it. Yet.
  41. I believe in karma.
  42. I like science. I don’t understand much of it, but I get the butterflies each time I read about a new discovery or about each time man takes a further step in understanding the universe.
  43. I am an Atheist. I support gay people.
  44. I am spiritual. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. I strongly believe in fate. And I believe we lived different lives in different places. Because I have deja vu-s. Or maybe they are symptoms of anxiety attacks.
  45. I don’t judge people by the way they look. I don’t divide people into beautiful and ugly. I divide them into people I like and people I don’t like.
  46. I loved several men in Romanian, English and Spanish. I was loved back in Romanian, English, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, German. It felt good.
  47. I like it best when I don’t know where I am going.
  48. I overanalyze everything. I need to understand everything. Or at least try.
  49. I like old stuff. Ancient stuff make me feel like crying.
  50. I am loyal. I don’t lie. I don’t like being lied to. I cut liars off from my life with absolutely no regrets.
  51. I don’t belong anywhere. I could move tomorrow to a new country and start over. I would miss nothing from here.
  52. I have a great sense of humour. You can make fun of me, I don’t mind. I am too confident to mind. I make fun of problems also.
  53. I can dominate people but I don’t want to.
  54. I like men that try to dominate me. I like men that don’t do what I want. I like men that tell me what to do. I probably won’t do what they tell me to do, but attempted authority turns me on.
  55. I like people that are smarter than me. I can shut up and listen to them for hours.
  56. I have curly hair. And freakless.
  57. I am sarcastic. I like people that take sarcasm with a smile.
  58. I don’t get intimidated easily.
  59. I don’t like cowards, people that are affraid to break their routine and fullfil a dream, any dream. I hate shallow people. And lazy people. And people that complain, instead of taking charge of their lives. Yes, life is a bitch and it doesn’t get any easier if you sit on your ass and cry about it.
  60. I need to learn new things everyday.
  61. I am not beautiful nor sexy. I don’t mind. I am many other things, things that most of the beautiful, sexy women, aren’t.
  62. I don’t like revenge.
  63. I will teach my future child to be kind to people and to try to continuously grow himself/herself as a person.
  64. I think people judge in other people what they mostly hate about themsleves.
  65. I don’t believe everything I think.
  66. I have many lists. I used to have even more.
  67. I trained myself to look happy, even if I am not.
  68. Sometimes, I take shit from people, because the shit they give me  is so beneath me, that is worthless to even defend myself.
  69. I don’t care what people think or say about me.
  70. I am not a people pleaser.
  71. I don’t like what Romania has become. Nor Romanians.
  72. I don’t keep people around me just for the sake of having people around me.
  73. I can’t have sex with an idiot man, even if he is good in bed and looks like Brad Pitt. I might have a smart vagina, I don’t know.
  74. I am arrogant. I like arrogant people. If you are great and you know it, say it. Modesty is overrated.
  75. I need ten hours of sleeping to be in shape. I have insomnia quite often.
  76. I talk in my sleep. I tell everything I do when awake. One time, when spending the first night over an ex boyfriend, I took a sleeping pill. We weren’t dating for long so…you know.
  77. I would like to live on a Greek island, without any money. I would grow vegetables in the garden and trade some of them for fish.
  78. I don’t watch TV anymore.
  79. I think Enrique Iglesias is sexy.
  80. When I wear a dress I like, I feel taller. I like clothes in strong colours.
  81. If I don’t wear perfume, I feel naked.
  82. I am daring and I don’t fear many things. Among the things I fear the most are: earthquakes, heights and being on water.
  83. When I shower, one million stories I should write about unfold in my mind. When I am out of the shower, they are gone.
  84. I will be a Canadian citizen one day, because I want to be the citizen of a normal country eventually.
  85. I don’t use people. I don’t like being used.
  86. I can solve my own problems, yet I don’t mind some help.
  87. People say I am weird. It is ok, I take it as a compliment. If people can’t get me, it means I am above average. I would say I am different, though, not weird.
  88. I don’t do anything for money.
  89. I don’t care if a guy is rich or poor. If he is interesting and caring and has a good hygiene, I date him.
  90. If I like a guy, I tell him. If he doesn’t like me back, I don’t feel rejected. I find another.
  91. I don’t like my parents.
  92. I love people that fight their weaknesses. I love people that try to break all the walls around them.
  93. I am loud. I sometimes overwhelm people.
  94. I feel guilty I don’t do all the things I am supposed to do. I would change that about me also. The guilt part, I mean.
  95. The right man for me is probably an artist. Any kind of artist.
  96. I rush into things. I take irational decisions. When I die, I don’t want to regret all the things I didn’t do.
  97. I need my phone, my laptop and my hair straightener at all times. I am very grateful for the washing machine. I lived times when women washed by hand everything. I don’t know how they did it.
  98. I love the feeling I have when I am in a plane and it takes off.
  99. One day, I will take the subway in a big city and watch people reading one of my books while commuting.
  100. Sometimes, I feel like painting with many colours. Bright, strong colours.

5 thoughts on “100

  1. Lavinia says:

    Reblogged this on Lavinia's Writing Corner and commented:

    At one point, it was a trend on Romanian blogs, to sit down and write the first one hundred things about yourself that come to your mind. It is not as easy as it looks and the result might be surprising. It is a good exercise, maybe you wanna try it too.


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