My Romanian Diary Day 1: Rain, bad luck and procrastination

Dear diary,

Today it rained like hell. I should have looked out the window this morning, before living the apartment. I have always suspected sweater boots are not very appropriate for a rainy day but now I know for sure. I have learned it the hard way. Or should I say, the wet way? Not having an umbrella didn’t help, either. I should gear up for autumn already, really now.

Although I am usually fucking sleepy when it fucking rains, today I was fucking happy. It had nothing to do with rain though, but with November 1st. November 1st means that October is finally over! I hated October 2012, with all my heart, with all my internal organs, with all my body and soul. In brief, October meant for me as follows: back pain, strained ankle, sore throat, toothache, hot water spilt on my hand, a door in my head, several bureaucracy issues in lovely Romania and so on. At the first accidents I was like: “Oh, shit!”. As they kept happening, I was like: “Oh, come on already!” And as they didn’t seem to come to an end, I was like: “That’s ok, I mean, nothing happened to me in the last two days, it was about time. I am curious what comes next…”  When you can’t fight them, the next best thing is to laugh at them, at least you’ll get to the emergency room in a good mood, which you definitely need, especially at an emergency room in Romania, the land of no choice.

So, fuck you very much October 2012, go to hell. (I am trying to say fuck you more often. It feels fucking great. You should fucking try it!)

I really wanted to do great things today, so that I can brag about it here, but I didn’t. I was supposed to write an article for my blog in Romanian, which I did, eventually, good for me, yay! I am such an awful good girl! Then I was supposed to study French, which I didn’t, bad girl, Lavinia, very awful bad girl! I was also supposed to put my ideas and my notes in order, to start the NaNoWriMo contest, which began today. In this contest, the participants are supposed to write a 50.000 words novel, in 30 days. I was thinking to take this opportunity to finally write the novel I have in my mind for almost an year. I started writing it several times already, one time I actually thought I am half way through it. But the action keeps changing and I have to start it all over again. So, I figured a contest will help me organize my ideas better and procrastinate the writing less. It seems I started the contest on the wrong foot though. Today, I didn’t feel like organizing notes, as for ideas, well, I had many things running through my head today, but none of these things was even close to an idea. So I plan do this tomorrow. And the French also. Oh! But I had healthy meals today and I drank so much water and green tea, that I had to pee like twenty times. Too much information, huh? So sorry…


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