My Romanian Diary Day 2: Dancing with the stars, Iphone5 and a survey

My dear diary,

I am sort of watching Dancing with the Stars now, the Romanian version. The show has more commercials than dancing, so it is kind of boring.

I put on my rain boots this morning. Big mistake. It was warm and sunny, damn it. This autumn is as moody as a PMS-ing woman. I really can’t keep up with it. I give up.

Also, I put on a serious dress today, very age appropriate, very office appropriate. I was asked if I applied for a nun job, or something. So yeah, serious outfits are not for me. People are not taking me seriously, when I am dressed too seriously (how ironic!). I get back to not very serious outfits starting  right now. I have just put on some very non-serious pajamas.

Today was a big day for Romania. Iphone 5 was officially launched. It costs the amount of a Romanian monthly average income, if you buy it with a two year plan. For this plan, one has to pay about half of a minimum income, each month. Yet, in no time, lots of people in their 30s, living with their parents, or teenage kids that will soon fail to graduate highs school, will have an Iphone5. I don’t know how they do it, but I hope they will have their Iphones 4 paid off, by the time they purchase the Iphone 5.

As for me, my day was really slow. I had a very big and kind of unhealthy lunch. Afer I was done, I felt like I should have a beer and then go to sleep. Which I didn’t, of course. I had green tea instead and worked on my survey. Here is the thing. I am working on a study on cross cultural friendships and relationships. So I came up with this survey that will help me gather more info. I will also interview some people and do so some research at the library. Depending on the result, I will present it at some conferences next year.

Anyway, if you are immigrant/expat/international student etc. and you have 15 minutes to spare, please be so kind and take part in this survey. Your help  means a lot to me! Also, sharing it with your friends will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Oh, and feel free to provide feedback. I am open to any kind of suggestions. Regarding the survey, I mean…

As for my novel, I still didn’t write anything today, but I organized my notes and my ideas and I reviewed the previous versions. I actually figured out the flow of the action and the focus point of the novel. It feels so weird. I have this story in me for so long, yet it comes out in so many shapes that sometimes it seems like a total different story. Writing is like giving birth sometimes, really.

I didn’t study French today. I feel guilty. I feel like apologizing, but I have no one to apologize to.

I had to refuse to attend a belated Halloween party tomorrow night, because I have no costume. Last year I was a Catholic school girl, but nobody bought it. I even had a lollipop, yet no one bought it.  To keep trying being a Catholic school girl might seem kind of desperate so yeah, I passed it. I will find something else to do tomorrow night, like drinking beer, dressed in regular clothes. Now that sounds like fun!

Anyway, I got to get back to Dancing with the Stars. If you’ll excuse me…


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