My Romanian Diary Day 8: Boredom, fatigue, bad boys and inspirational blogs

Dear diary,

Today the Christians celebrate two saints: Michael and Gabriel. Meaning, if your name is either Mike or Gaby or something close to this and your were in Romania now, you would have to buy people drinks. Celebrating name days is one of the things that annoys me deeply. In days like these I have to check my phone contacts and my facebook to see which people are the holly owners of the saint name. Then I have to purge the list, because I am not gonna say “Happy name day” to all  of them, come on! Then I have to make calls or write text messages in which I wish happiness and health and wealth and whatever. This bores me to death.  Today I had a bad day so I purged my list up to three people: a work colleague from the office next to mine, a dear friend living in Bucharest and my boss. And another colleague dropped by so I congratulated him also. He gave me chocolates in exchange, so it was a fair trade, in my humble opinion.

I was telling you my day was bad. I had a very hard time waking up. I hated my life, my past lives and my future lives all together, when I heard the alarm clock. I don’t even remember what I did this morning. I think I was still sleeping when I left the apartment. This would explain the not very pretty dress I am wearing and the way my hair looks. But I wrote for NaNoWriMo all morning. Around 3000 words. I wrote in a daze, I don’t even know what I wrote about, I will read through this weekend. I think I will be surprised. When I am tired, my mind creates monsters.

In the afternoon, I had the sweetest conversation. The 8 year old boy I teach English on Thursdays is a cutie pie. Handsome and polite and respectful and very well behaved.

Lavinia: “You are so cute, I bet you are the cutest in your class.”

Kid: “Yes, but the girls in my class like the boys that beat up other boys.”

Poor him. To have such a reality check at age 8 is not fun. Girls have bad boys in their DNA nowadays? What is the deal with that? Nobody wants the prince charming anymore? They are all after the bad monster?

Today I have found the greatest blog, the greatest of them all. It all started when a cute guy liked a post of mine. So, naturally,  I checked his profile. Don’t get me wrong, I check the profiles and the blogs of all the people that show interest to my posts, but of course, cute guys have priority. I am more of a woman than of a blogger so…you know…. Anyway, this guy gave up his “safe” life to search for true happiness. This, in my opinion, is the ultimate act of courage nowadays and especially in this economy. I admire people who do this and at the same time I envy them. I still don’t have the power to cut the cord with my safety net and run free. Something is still holding me back. I browsed his blog a little and his ideas are beyond interesting, yet very simple, so simple that you are surprised you didn’t come up with them by yourself or you feel you were having the same thoughts all your life, but you never found the right words to express them. I plan to read his blog top to bottom during this weekend, so in case on Monday I will be writing my daily post from Bali or Thailand or Costa Rica, you will know why.

I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I am starting to like this diary thing so much…Why haven’t I done it before, I wonder…


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