My Romanian Diary Day 10: eat chocolate, step into dog poop, go shopping

Dear diary,

It happened. I stepped into dog poop today.

I told you before, in Romania there is dog poop everywhere. Of course people don’t clean up after their pets,  most of them don’t even clean up after themselves. Besides, the disturbing and increasing number of stray dogs makes me sometimes imagine how Romania will disappear under tons of dog poop in a few years time. I bet the Mayans didn’t predict this. Nor the bible. So here, when walking you have to really really focus. If UFOs are flying above your head and aliens are waving and calling your name from their windows, you can look up, but there is a big chance you will step into poop, like I did today. Ok, I wasn’t checking for UFOs, I was just eating a chocolate with all my body and soul. A tiny, little chocolate. Eating chocolate, for me is like getting to the seventh heaven, so today, while I was on my way to the seventh heaven, I felt something soft under my beautiful sway boot. Fuck this shit. I wanna move to Canada.

I usually start my days with coffee and international news. Reading about what happens in civilized countries, gives me a sense of normality. In Romania, nothing is normal anymore, it’s just that people got used to all the crap and tolerate it. I refuse to do this. Therefore, I read news from across the world, to never forget I live an abnormal country. I don’t want to get used to shit, either it is dog shit or any other kind of shit.

So, this morning I found out that the director of the CIA resigned his job because he had an extramarital affair, which was not a honorable thing to do. I would like this to happen in Romania. I don’t need our politicians to resign for extramarital affairs, I don’t really care who they fuck, in Romania everybody fucks everybody, anyway…Here, the more people you fuck, the more famous you get. I would like them to resign at least for being caught stealing. But they don’t. They bribe people to lose criminal files, while they keep running (read robbing) my country. Fuck this shit too. I really need to move to Canada.

Other things I did today, besides having coffee, reading news and stepping into dog poop: I worked, I bought new boots to compensate for the ones ruined by poop, I wrote a little and I chose this song to be played at my funeral, on repeat.

Now I am gonna catch up with The Big Bang Theory and write some more so bye bye for now.


2 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 10: eat chocolate, step into dog poop, go shopping

  1. Shane says:

    I was having this conversation with a friend of mine only yesterday. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Does the fact he was having an affair mean he couldn’t do his job?

    2. Why on earth was the FBI used to find out if he was having an affair?

    Though, I suppose an argument could be made that if the director of the CIA couldn’t keep even an extra-marital affair secret, he’s not good enough at keeping secrets to be the director of the CIA.

    And yes. Come live in Canada. Toronto is nice this time of year. Well… it’s always nice.



    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      I lived in Toronto from December 30 2010 till December 19 2011:) I loved every second. As for that dude, yeah, having a mistress says nothing about his ability to do his job. I was puzzled because this never happens in Romania. For example, our prime-minister copy pasted his PhD thesis yet he didn’t quit. He said he can give up the title at any time, if people want to. But not the job. And this is just a recent example. Our politicians still from degrees to public money, they get caught, but they never quit.


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