My Romanian Diary Day 12: Cross cultural relationships, books versus movies and by the way, do you collect things or emotions?

Dear diary,

They are not yelling. They are Portuguese, they just talk that way. And so do Italians (they are also using their hands a lot, so  you expect to be slapped at any second) and Greeks (I remember I once entered a farmers market in Athens and I was about to run back, I thought it is a revolution unfolding or something) and Latinos and myself. I am a very loud person. Probably because I am small in size. I explained here why I believe I was given this incredibly loud voice.

But I didn’t post this picture to talk about me. It just happened. Remember I am taking a survey for my research on cross cultural relations (by the way, if any of the readers of this diary have international friends/spouses, feel free to complete it, it takes five minutes and your opinion will be highly appreciated). I already have about 25 responses and I find one more interesting than the other. There is a great deal of people out there, experiencing and benefiting from cross cultural relationships, marriages and friendships. Even though I am experiencing this myself, I still find amazing people’s confessions about how much they have changed for the better as a part of this type of relation. A cross cultural relation makes you more tolerant, more detail oriented, a better listener and more careful towards other people needs. I will keep you posted as my project unfolds. I guess I have finally found the way to still learn things from various people with different backgrounds, even though I am currently stuck in Craiova, Romania. This project will keep my mind strolling around the world for a while. Me, happy and content!

I have come across a great article. What would you save if flooded (or if victim of any other type of disaster)? I tried to think about it several times today and I have come to the conclusion that I would probably save nothing, except for my wallet, my cell phone and my laptop. Before going to Canada I was very attached to things. Insanely attached. Then, when I left to Canada I had to pack stuff for 5 months in two suitcases only. I had to leave behind lots of stuff I thought I loved deeply. Moreover, I left strangers living in my house, my property! It was so painful to rent the apartment. Later on, in Toronto, I had to move at one point and I left things behind also. It didn’t hurt that much this time. I was already collecting emotions and life moments, instead of things and besides, I soon realized I don’t even remember the stuff I had left in Romania. And another few months later, when I left Canada, I simply couldn’t take with me all the things I had gathered there for one year. So I left another batch behind. They are safe, in a friend’s house and I would love to see them again. I should probably have them shipped to Romania.

Off topic (I say off topic as if this mumble jumble diary has any topic!) I want to read this book: What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank: A Fantasy Lover’s Food Guide. I love the description: “it is a writers’ guide, a cookbook, and a history of food all rolled into one. Its primary aim is to help authors of fantasy (and historical fiction) be more accurate in their use of food. Underneath that is an entertaining, anecdote-filled adventure into our culinary past. And it’s funny too – sample chapter title: There Is a Horde of Orcs Chasing Me. Can We Stop for Some Rabbit Stew?”

I think I could read anything that is explained through food, even Geometry. I once read a book by Laura Esquivel, a Mexican writer, Like Water For Chocolate. It was a love story in a cooking book, or the other way round, I can’t remember exactly, it was like ten years ago. But it was a lovely book, I should totally read that again. I think they even made a movie. But I am not very crazy about the movies they make after books. For example, they butchered Love In Times of Cholera, one of my favorite books in the world. I couldn’t stand watching that movie. Who made the movie, simply didn’t get the idea of the book. To their defense though, I think Garcia Marquez’s books are very hard to put into images as his books are more sensuous than visual. The only good thing in that movie was Javier Bardem and this song sang by Shakira.

I was good today. I did it all: writing, French, I went to the public library to look for books, I replied to all my pending emails, I caught up with some friends in Toronto…

This diary is awesome. Not the content (the content is silly chit chat about nothing), but the things it does to me. First of all, it makes me write every day which is a discipline I didn’t have before. Second of all, it seems I am procrastinating less since I am writing here, not because I am ashamed to admit I did nothing today (I have no shame, lol!) but because I need to have what to write about at the end of the day. This need makes me do stuff so, apparently, keeping a public diary is good for me. Kind of nerdy and uncool, but good.

So see you tomorrow on day 13, ready or not?

Yours truly,

Lavinia Vanilia


4 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 12: Cross cultural relationships, books versus movies and by the way, do you collect things or emotions?

  1. Shane says:

    Hi, Ana,

    Noticed you ‘buddy’ me in NaNoWriMo, you’re doing well!

    I’m going to have to add you to my blogroll too. 🙂

    I do talk with my hands. My co-workers make fun of me. The thing is, I’m only a quarter italian, and 3/4 French and 100 percent Canadian. So the hand-talking must be genetically passed down. Possibly recessive gene. I don’t think my dad talks with his hands. Maybe it skips a generation.

    What would I save in a flood? Good question. Anything I noticed while I was getting to safety. Laptop probably, something sentimental maybe.

    To your point though. I like to collect memories more. The thing is, I have a storage unit here in Toronto and it’s storing a bunch of things that I know if I go through I’ll be very much attached to through sentimentality. I call the cost of that storage a tax on sentimentality. But I haven’t really been in there for 2 years to pull anything out.

    So I’m thinking to myself, why am I paying money to keep so much STUFF? But if I were to get rid of it, I’d have to ask someone else to go and empty it out because I’d probably once again decide i want to keep it all because of the emotional attachment to the memories that the things provide.

    And so… I am currently still paying my sentimentality tax.




    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Hey Shane, thanks for stopping by! I am happy to have your thoughts here.

      Yes, I saw you on NaNoWriMo and I liked your profile. And then I read some posts on your blog and listened to that Suzy song for a few days in a row:)))

      Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I am glad you like my posts:))

      I love your sentimentality tax story! I guess it is worth it. Sometimes we need things to keep us in touch with our past. They are like anchors in time. It is probably an illusion, because we can easily leave them behind in case of a disaster, but illusions are not always bad, I guess.

      Take care:)


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