My Romanian Diary Day 15: Beautiful Romania, ADHD versus chronic laziness and I swear I am organized even though you can’t see my desktop background

Dear diary,

I have found this picture on Facebook few days ago but I didn’t take a better look at it until today. Since most of the readers of this diary are Canadian and American, I thought I should share it, so that my readers can locate me in space easily. This is not the politic or administrative map of Romania, not even the geographic one. This is Romania from the fairy tale point of view. When you look at this map, you don’t see the poor, hopeless people (a recent statistic points out that only 30% of Romanians believe things will get better in our country and I am not one of them), you don’t see the bad roads, the bad railway system (it takes me at least 3.5 hours to get from my town to Bucharest, which is 209 kilometers of railway), you don’t see the packs of stray dogs running free on the streets and attacking people, you don’t see the grey buildings, the bureaucracy, the corrupted politicians, the misery in hospitals. By the way, did you know that in Romania there are more priests than doctors?

When you look at this map you see beautiful Romania, my country. Romania of Brâncuşi, the celebrated sculptor, of the painted Ortodox monasteries,  of the Merry Cemetery, of Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle), of the Danube Delta and of good wine. In case you wonder, my town Craiova is in South-West, very close to Brâncuşi complex and Statue of Decebalus. I haven’t been to all the places on this map but my prerogative is to visit them all before I move  to Canada, because this is the Romania I want to take with me. Ugly Romania is forcing me to leave but beautiful Romania will always be the place where I come from, the place I will tell my friends and my future children about, the place I will miss, the place that will eventually get a magical glow in my memories.

Anyway, enough about Romania, let’s get back to me. I am kind of lazy, you know. I like to spend few minutes in bed after I wake up (about 20-30), I like to have breakfast and coffee in bed while browsing a book or some online news, I like long showers and baths, bottom line, I enjoy greatly taking my time. Like a friend once told me, the peak of being lazy is to wake up early just  to sit around longer. Well, this is out I do. I wake up at least one hour and a half  before leaving the house, just to take my time. Getting dressed and putting on my make up takes like 15 minutes. The rest is nothing else but taking my time.

So, I have always thought of me as of a lazy girl and a terrible procrastinator until this morning, when I read this . Now I am seriously thinking I might have ADHD. Last week I diagnosed myself with bipolarity, I wonder what mental disease I discover next week… I should really stop reading about illnesses because I end up believing I have them all and this is my sister’s territory.

As for my day, it was so boring. I didn’t hear the alarm clock and I didn’t match my scarf with my outfit. I didn’t even notice this until someone told me about it.  I told her it is an eclectic outfit on a such superior voice that I bet she spent the day googling this new trend because she is that kind of girl. Joke on her !  Also, I didn’t make my bed, I didn’t write much and I didn’t study French. I started organizing my work computer, though. All my work and not only, is on the desktop. I am the IT guy’s nightmare.

My computer at work

Well, he should see my laptop. I have so many things, very chaotically saved, that I almost never find what I look for but every time I look for something, I find something else I thought was long lost and this makes me terribly happy. Weird, huh? I guess I am a computer hoarder or something. I wonder if this is a mental illness…

But enough for today, back to writing now!

Cheers, everyone!


15 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 15: Beautiful Romania, ADHD versus chronic laziness and I swear I am organized even though you can’t see my desktop background

  1. Tess says:

    Thanks for your post Ana. I wanted to let you know my new website went up today! I know you follow my blog,, but I won’t be posting there anymore. I hope you’ll visit my new website: and, maybe even subscribe.
    All the best and keep writing…


  2. Shane says:

    A friend of mine at work is from Romania. He’s told me much of what you’ve spoken of about the country. The state of it and such.

    I have not yet met someone from Romania I have not liked. Every single one I’ve met online or off has seemed to have this incredible intelligence and thirst.

    Just don’t read about chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Enjoy your morning when you get there; there’s nothing wrong with enjoying and taking your time every activity.




    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Hey Shane, you early bird:) It is already past noon here. I didn’t take my time today, I woke up late, damn it. I hate mornings in general and Friday mornings in particular.

      Well, beautiful Romania has beautiful Romanians. I am glad you appreciate them and describe them so nicely. Thank you.

      You can’t tell me about something and then tell me not to read about it! I will read about it right after I am done replying you. I am too curious:)) Let’s hope I don’t have this one.

      Have a nice Friday:)


      1. Shane says:

        I don’t know what happened, Lavinia. I’ve become that which I never used to understand. Someone who wakes up early. Don’t get me wrong, I love the night, also, but find myself more inclined to waking up early now.

        My friend told me that Tomatoes taste so much better there than in North America. Do you second this opinion? If so, because the Tomato is one of my favourite fruits, I will have to visit just to taste a tomato.



      2. Ana Lavinia says:

        In summer, garden tomatoes peasants bring to the markets from the country are amazing. You should come over and try them:) I found good tomatoes in Toronto, during the summer of 2011. They were sold at Costco and they were called Ontario tomatoes, if I am not mistaken. Tell your friend to try them next summer. They taste almost like the Romanian ones.


    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Republic of Moldova is a different country. It was part of Romania, than Russians took it and then it became an independent state when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The official language is Moldavan which is the same as Romanian, in fact. Russian is also spoken there. Also, there is a historic region in Northern Romania called Moldova, so yeah, it is easily for foreigners to make confusions. You can read more about Republic of Moldova here: . Thanks for reading! Take care:)


  3. jasonwrites says:

    I am glad that my rambling about my diagnosed-but-we’re-still-unsure-disorder could be enlightening to you. Thanks so much for linking it. I am a paragon of laziness, especially when it comes to commenting on the best blogs, like yours 🙂


    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Your post made me think. I think doctors nowadays have this need to label everything. For example, I have noticed I don’t focus at work when I am doing routine activities which I can do while speaking on the phone or watching a movie or half asleep and still doing them right. Any new activity has my undivided attention because I don’t like to mess up. So I guess when I don’t focus I am just bored. In their rush to diagnose, doctors forget about the overtones that are found in all our actions. If your diagnostic is correct than I have it too. But I think we just need new challenges in our lives. Tell your doctor I said so:)))

      And my blog is just another blog in the zillions of blogs on the internet. It will never be one of the best. I can’t be the best in anything because I get bored easily:))) I always start new projects without finishing the old ones. I think this is a symptom, right?:)

      Take care, Jason, have a nice Sunday.


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