My Romanian Diary Day 17: Bart Simpson, Jesus babies, a random cat and how I did it like a dude

Dear diary,

I started my day like a girl. I woke up, had my cereals (the ones for ladies, not the one for kids and by the way, are there any cereals for men?) then I had my coffee in bed for like an hour, I put on my make up, some black shorts, a T-shirt with Minnie, a pink sweater, pink boots and a pink jacket and then I arrived late at work. All very ladylike, you have to agree.

My work on Saturdays consists in teaching three boys English. The first two are brothers and they are 8 and 10 years old. They are cute and playful. When I got to their house they were playing with these tiny little toys.

 I thought it is Bart Simpson and a bunch of crucified Jesus babies. They weren’t able to enlighten me. They didn’t know who Bart is. They had a clue about Jesus but they didn’t see the resemblance, anyway. Good kids. But they were surprised I watch cartoons. They said they didn’t know old ladies watch cartoons too. Fuck, I am an old lady for a ten year old! This hurts!

Three hours later I left the smarty pants brothers and walked to the next kid. He is 15 and too shy to look me in the eyes. But a very good student. And I bet he doesn’t think I am old lady. 30 something girls are like promised land to teenage boys. Or so I’ve heard.

I have no story about this kid, but on my way to his house, I saw a beautiful cat in a yard. I called ” hey kitty kitty” in Romanian, which is “pis pis” and she came to me. She let me pet her and then we played a little and then she asked for more petting.

She seemed quite surprised when I eventually left. She gave me the “What??? Are you leaving me? I thought there was something special between us…obviously not!!!” kind of look. Poor thing. Yeah, this is me. I break cats’ hearts a lot. I am always up for a quick play but I never go home with them.

Later on, after I was done working, I went shopping. I was craving for humus. I got some and hurried home to have my long waited humus dinner. I didn’t like it much. I once had home-made humus at some Lebanese people’s house and that was the best humus ever. That humus ruined me for any other humus I can find on the market. Too bad.  I used to love humus.

Very disappointed, I had garlic chicken instead. Lots of garlic chicken. Then I had a beer while watching some crap on TV. Damn, that felt good. Decadent but good. I did it like a girl all day long, but in the end I did it like a dude and I had a blast.

I am still on dude mode while writing this but  I will switch to girlie mode pretty soon. I am downloading New Girl and I guess no guy would ever watch this.  So I will put on my pink pajamas and watch this until I fall asleep. I am pretty sure it won’t take more than one episode, two tops. I am very tired.

Take care, lovely readers.

Lavinia Vanilia


2 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 17: Bart Simpson, Jesus babies, a random cat and how I did it like a dude

  1. Shane says:

    When I was younger, I always had to befriend cats. Every cat that I saw when I was walking. Now I own a cat. He’s the most dog-like cat I’ve ever seen. He plays fetch, even, but not with cat toys. No. He’s sensible. Why pay for cat toys when you can have more fun with twist ties. He will fetch and return twist ties again and again and again.

    Enjoy the New Girl. Enjoy sleep.

    Ask your children. What is their favourite English word. I’m interested in what it would be for someone just learning the language.

    Sleep well.


    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Your cat sounds like fun. I used to have cats but they all died or ran away. So I decided to never have a cat again because somehow, I am bad luck for them. I love cats but for now I am not emotionally available for them. A quick play in the street it’s all I can give them. I can’t commit yet :)))

      I will ask all of my students about their favorite words. It is a very interesting idea, I never thought about it. One of them is making funny compositions. I have uploaded some on my facebook, you can find them in my mobile uploads. He is such a sweet kid…

      Take care, Shane.


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