My Romanian Diary Day 19: A break from writing and lots of windows

Dear diary,

Today I took a break from writing on my novel. I had to do it, otherwise I would have soon started to hate it. So, when I woke up in the morning, I decided to let my mind run free for the day.

It was still quite dark when I left my apartment. While walking, I caught myself in the act of staring into people’s houses.

I probably do this every morning and every evening, but sometimes I have so many things on my mind that I don’t even realize how I get home, not to mention noticing random details on my way. This is one of the reasons I don’t drive. My mind is not always with me so why take any chances?

Window in Rome

Back to staring into people’s houses, I have this awkward habit since I was a little girl and until this very day I am still fascinated with windows. Everywhere I travel, my eyes look for windows. I take more pictures of windows than of anything else.

Windows in London

When I was a kid, I remember I used to walk around the block after dark and look into people’s homes, stealing tiny bits of their lives. I used to have some favorite windows and even though I didn’t know the people living in those apartments, in my mind they had names and dramatic destinies and turn of events. I had soap operas going on in my mind long before I saw one.

I was never interested in the apartments inhabited by people I knew or apartments from across my window. Right now I have access to about twenty families living right across the alley from my building and I have no interest in them. Not to mention I think it is kind of sick to stare into people’s houses from your own apartment. But somehow, in my mind, it is normal to stare into people’s  houses from the street, especially if I don’t know them.

With all the windows I have ever stared at in my mind, I wrote The Window today. It is about escaping reality by creating another reality in someone else’s reality. It will probably have a sequel. Let’s see what my muses decide.

At work is finally a bit fun. On Wednesday we are opening a photo exhibition of a Japanese. Asians are not something you see everyday in my town. I am very excited. We are also opening a planetarium in December and I love the advertising strategy. It is probably the most interesting thing happening in this museum since I work here.

I also wrote a post for my Romanian blog, today. It was about time. I sometimes feel like I am cheating on that blog, with all the other writing projects I have. I write here everyday, I work on my novel, I study French, I am doing a study on cross cultural relations not to mention I have a job and a half and some books I must finish reading. Of course I don’t have enough time left to post on my Romanian blog as often as I would like to. This should be revised, anyway.

That would be all, lovely readers!

Take care,

Lavinia Vanilia


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