My Romanian Diary Day 21: French, dreams, twinkies and the end of the world

I am not happy about my progress in French. I’ve been taking French in school my entire life but I was never good at it. My grades were average, all the time. One peculiar thing about French is that for many years I used to have this nightmare that I can’t graduate from high school because I am failing French. What is peculiar about it, is that I started having this dream after high school graduation. I met my French teacher from high school a few years ago and I told her about this dream. She told me that I feel guilty I didn’t learn French and I should start doing it, to take it off my chest. Of course I didn’t put much thought into her opinion, that dream to me was just funny and weird and had no layers. But, to my surprise, I’ve come to realize I stopped having this dream for a while now and I am very sure I didn’t have it since I’ve started learning French. My twisted mind never ceases to surprise me. And I am starting to enjoy these twists. I wonder how weird is that…

According to my Facebook,the hottest topics this week are the twinkies and the fast approaching end of the world. I don’t know what twinkies are and what is the deal with them. We don’t have them in Romania and I don’t think I had them in Canada. I guess there are something big like Oreo biscuits and the company producing them is going out of business. I didn’t have time to google about it even though it seems like a very big deal for mankind.

The end of the world is a bit more exciting because of the advice idiots give. Like this guy, a monk or something, who kindly advised humanity to pay all their debts because the end is coming in December. Hello!!! Mr. monk, are you crazy? Why would I pay my still-24 years-to-go- mortgage (and how???), if all will vanish, including my apartment, the bank that gave me the money to buy the apartment and myself?

As for myself, I would really like to live a bit longer (and the world too) because I haven’t visited South America yet. I would like to do that before I die, plus few more other things, like finishing my first novel, growing my hair up to my waist, learning French and Greek and find out what twinkies are.

In 1999 I waited for the end of the world in a club, obviously partying like it was 1999. What are you doing for the end of the world, this year? I have a dentist appointment during the day and I will probably sleep at night. Dentist appointments exhaust me.



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