My Romanian Diary Day 37: Hangover is over, chocolate overdose and I think Spanish is a panty dropper accent

Dear diary,

My hangover after the night out on Tuesday was finally gone this morning. On Friday morning! Hangover for two days! That was hard. Drinking in the middle of the week is bad bad bad. Never ever do that.

Today I had a overdose of chocolate, with all the St. Nicholas gifts coming from all over the place and all consisting in chocolates. I predict a night of insomnia tonight. Not cool.

Twenty more days till I go to Berlin. My friend living there was such a sweetheart and she got us tickets to the  musical “Dance of Vampires“, a musical remake of a 1967 Roman Polanski film of the same name (called The Fearless Vampire Killers in the USA). I can’t wait. I might dream in German after the show, it would be so funny.


Today I have read an article about the sexiest accents in the world.  The author made Italian accent no.1 and Argentinian no. 12.

This is how Spanish sounds to me
This is how Spanish sounds to me

I disagree. For me, the Spanish accent is the panty dropper accent. A guy can narrate me the sports news in Spanish and I am ready to go. In any kind of Spanish, but Argentinian Spanish is my very favorite. Argentinian Spanish is like Spanish with Italian accent, so sexy and musical.

I have met an Argentinian once, he was a bartender at a hotel in Spain. I remember I had so many drinks there and listened to his love problems for like a week. I didn’t speak Spanish very well back then, but I didn’t tell him. When he sounded sad I was “awww, que pena”, when he sounded happy I was “wow! que bueno!”. Even if I didn’t understand much, that man was never listened to like that ever again, I can bet on this.

accent2I don’t find Italian sexy. It is not a language for love, like Spanish is. Italian is the best language for fighting, in my opinion. When I was in Rome and people were talking to me, it always felt like they were yelling at me, ready to hit me, before starting to understand what they meant. I don’t speak Italian, but Italian is quite similar to Romanian, so an Italian and a Romanian can speak to each other, each in their own language, and understand each other easily.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, Romanian is a Latin language, in the same family with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French, yet, when we speak English, we sound Russian.

French is sexy, yes, I agree. It is my next favorite love language, after Spanish. I once met a French guy in a club at the seaside and we enjoyed the sunrise together. He wanted to know things about my town so he googled it on his phone. He read about it on Wikipedia, in French. Mon dieu, my town never sounded more amazing.

Greek is number 3, Portuguese is number 4 and German is number 5 in my personal top for the sexiest accents. I don’t find English sexy at all, but this is my opinion. What do you think? What’s your top 3?


Lavinia 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 37: Hangover is over, chocolate overdose and I think Spanish is a panty dropper accent

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Oh, I definitely agree about the Spanish accent. There is this M&M commercial here. A really dumb commercial at that, but they guy says something in English with a Spanish accent and it makes me swoon every time. It is definitely hot. Vacation countdown… Woo Hoo!


    1. Lavinia says:

      Yes, I am excited about my holiday. I just hope it is not gonna snow a lot, because snow in Romania is a big deal:))) It always surprises authorities and they are never ready to clean. So highways get closed and trains are stuck:))


      1. Teeny Bikini says:

        Oh my god, I think you live next door to me. Every time it snows, I am the last street to be plowed. Not that I mind missing work 🙂 Crossing my fingers that it doesn’t snow!!


    1. Lavinia says:

      Really? Irish? I have to pay more attention to this one:) All I have noticed about Irish accent is that it makes English impossible to understand:) But I will give it another chance. It’s not the first time I hear this about the Irish accent.


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