My Romanian Diary Day 45: I have found my earring and my sister has sweet dreams no matter what

Dear diary,

First of all, my new article for is up.

Second of all, nothing extraordinary happened to me today, except that I have found an earring I lost two days ago and this really surprised me since I didn’t even realize I had lost it. Probably this the closest of a Christmas miracle an atheist like me can get. It is a miracle because I always lose my earrings, I rarely realize I lose them and I never ever find them.

As for my sister, wow! She woke up in the morning, made her coffee and went to the window to take a breath of London fresh air (well, sort of). But she almost dropped the mug as she learned she outlived a great disaster, as the entire cafe under her apartment burned to the ground  during the night.

So yeah, while she was sleeping, the cafe under her bedroom started to burn, people started screaming in the street, ambulance, police cars and fire fighters arrived at the scene, in brief, lots of loud people, speaking on loud voices fought a big hot fire with lots of cold water. Noise, lights, fire, heat, water, panic. Nothing disturbed this sleeping beauty. Nor her boyfriend.

Natalia. Providing me stories since 1985
Natalia. Providing me stories since 1985

Yet, when we were living together she would wake up if I slammed the door too hard, watched TV, snored, talked in my sleep, coughed or even breathed.

My sister had quite an adventurous life, in fact.

She once was stuck at JFK because of the bad weather. She then got scared and called me asking me to call the airline or the airport or something to tell them to let her go. It was then when I had to break it to my sister that I am neither god nor the president of the USA.

In the same trip, she took a wrong bus and ended up in the middle of Milwaukee, quite far from the place where she actually had to go (Sister Bay, I think).

A year later, in her next trip to the USA she went through an hurricane (or tropical storm, I don’t remember) in Ocean City, then she lost her passport just few weeks before leaving the USA  (she called me again, panicked that the Americans will keep her there, because she has no passport, hahaha, if it’d only be that easy!) and when she finally arrived to Bucharest, she discovered the luggage containing all the shopping she did in the states was lost. The luggage arrived few days later, after a trip to Paris and Tokyo but speaking of bad luck, really now. My bad luck, I mean, all the presents for me were in there.

Anyway, my sister is alive and kicking (praise the lord!) and providing me with more stories every day, as she is quite eventful.

Dear sister, I truly hope the Apocalypse will happen while you are awake, otherwise you will have all the chances in the world to miss it.


Lavinia 🙂

P.S. More about my little sister here and here. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 45: I have found my earring and my sister has sweet dreams no matter what

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    I used to be a heavy sleeper so I totally get sleeping “through” something. I am just glad your sister is okay. How very dramatic and a little scary. It never occurred to me you could just sleep through the Apocalypse. What a nifty idea 😉


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