End of my world

Starting Friday, my laptop is out of order. I am devasted and I am pretty sure this is what Mayans meant by the end of the world.

I am living like animals now. I am watching the news on Tv to learn about what is going on around the planet and I am watching stupid Christmas movies on stupid Romanian channels instead of tv series and cool movies downloaded from torrents. You think I am over reacting? Well, I watched Home Alone 3 today so please.

And I am actually blogging from my cell phone right now, which feels so abnormal and I am not sure I will find the post button.

Meanwhile, please pray for me,please. I don‘t dare to pray, five of the seven mortal sins are my hobbies so all I can hope for is a Christmas miracle. Even though I don‘t belive in miracles. Or Christmas. God, I am screwed.


8 thoughts on “End of my world

      1. amiralul says:

        ho ho ho merry christmas :)) i’m Santa and i come to give you your present. but, since u have been a very very bad girl, no present for you this year =)) let me sing a carol


  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Lavinia, I know this was incredibly traumatic, but the way you wrote it was hysterical. Clearly, this is what the Mayans were talking about. I mean really. Who can even dare to live without their computer?! Glad everything is fixed – and I am praying that you will never have to watch Home Alone again. That’s just awful. 😉


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