My Romanian Diary Day 79: Romanian company sued WordPress and Ortodox Church got mad over a cremation

My dear diary,

I forgot to tell you about something amazing. A Romanian company actually sued Auttomatic, owner of WordPress.

Here is the story in brief: this random guy has a blog, not even very popular, where he writes reviews on different products. He wrote a negative review on a product, some pills, named Colon Help and the company selling the pills freaked out and demanded that the guy should delete the article. The guy said he won’t delete it, but if the company liked to give an opinion on why they think what he said in the article is not correct, he would publish it. The company refused and they chose to sue WordPress, instead. What they want from WordPress is to shut down the blog and to decline the guy’s identity, so that they can be able to sue the guy and ask him 100.000 Euro.

WordPress was cool enough to hire a local lawyer for this trial, I love WordPress for that! You can read more on this matter here. I will keep you posted, anyway. It is a very interesting trial, I don’t think something similar happened before.

Continuing this series of crazy things that happen in Romania on daily basis, I should tell you about the death of a very famous Romanian movie director.

You see, when in Romania someone famous dies, the media stalks the body and the family of the deceased, they sneak to the funeral to broadcast live, they even put microphones in the faces of the family members and ask them how they feel. There is no respect whatsoever, no decency. It is just an opportunity for them to gain more audience. So creepy and disgusting.

The thing about this guy was that his wife cremated him, apparently because this was his wish. This was when the scandal started. The Ortodox Church forbade any priest to do any ceremonial and started a big argument, that this is against traditions and religion and his soul will never find peace and blah blah. It felt like living in an Islamic country, for a few days.

The televisions put up spontaneous talk shows, asking if cremation should be allowed or not (as if it was their decision to make or any of their damn business) and also asking what is the true reason the wife chooses cremation? Maybe she wants all her husband’s DNA to be gone so that no illegitimate child could ever claim part of her inheritance. So dirty and so cheap. All this while a symbol of Romanian cinematography was being mourned.

Then, at the ceremony, the wife dared to wear a white jacket! Again she was judged by all the Romanian media as apparently, by not wearing black, she proved she had no respect for her deceased husband. In fact, she wore a jacket that belonged to her deceased husband, it was her way of mourning, but in Romania, doing things your own way, instead of the way you are expected to, it is quite challenging.

Maybe even more sad than the show media organized, was the fact that during the ceremony, random people that had nothing to do with the deceased, took personally all the decision the wife made and felt it was very appropriate  for them to protest in the same place where the wife was saying her good byes to her husband, calling her a sinner and other names.

Fortunately for me, this happened while I was in Berlin so I was only taking a glimpse on the matter when checking my news feed on facebook. I only became aware of the proportions of the event when I came back and read some articles on the topic, written by real journalists.  Not many, though. Real journalists in Romania is a species very close to extinction and no one is doing anything to save it. Why? Because the average Romanian citizen doesn’t need real journalism. The average Romanian citizen needs gossip and scandal because you don’t need brains to comprehend gossip and scandal. I am so sorry I have to say it but I strongly believe that right now, Romania is at that point when going down is easier than going up. So, so sad.


4 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 79: Romanian company sued WordPress and Ortodox Church got mad over a cremation

  1. Lavinia says:

    It is not the best place to visit but it could turn out to be an interesting experience. In my blogs in the category Facts about Romania, I am trying to show the good side of Romania also, if you read some of them you will discover some positive stuff about it. On the other hand, living here is getting more challenging every day, especially for people with brains and expectations. We basically have to look at thing going crazy, without having the power to do something about it.


  2. Teeny Bikini says:

    Check out WordPress hiring a local lawyer. That’s pretty cool. What a super weird case though… Should be interesting to see how it ends up. Too bad about the woman being called names for wearing white. People are nuts. We have plenty of nuts here too. 🙂


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