“…when you’re drained, there is nothing left but to fill up again.”

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Santa’s White Christmas blend. Awwwww.

by Julie

Exhaustion brings out the real you.

My Sensei, then seven time world fighting champion Mafia Holloway said this to me as he trained me for endless tournaments, including the Junior Olympics and the Olympic tryouts.  I would start running sprints at six in the morning, we would have breakfast, followed by hours of drills, weight training, repeating techniques, sparring with all manner of inventive twists until my legs burned, my lungs cried, sweat pouring.   Having seen the sun come up, I would train the day away into dusk. By evening, when actual karate class began, I was floored, even with considerable rest periods in the day.  I often did not want to take or teach class, or spar with people who were wide awake  and ready.  But Sensei would always say the same thing:  “The real you comes out when…

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