My Romanian Diary Day 81: Post-holiday recovery almost done, I have fans, the creepiest crush I ever had and I wish less girls were stupid

vacation I am almost recovered after my holiday. You see, I give in entirely to my holidays, I am drained once they are over. I strongly believe that after a holiday, I need another holiday to put my shit together. After vacation, other people go straight to work and actually get some work done. I don’t know how they do it. I can barely make it to work, I curse my life for having to do it and once I am there, I walk from one office to another, telling stories and when I get tired of this, I go to my office and upload holiday pictures on facebook. Or plan my next holiday. And I wonder why I am never the employee of the month. Like ever!

This week I have been overwhelmed. So many peoplehave praised my writing, both on my Romanian blog and on my English blog. I don’t know what happened, the stars of my writing must have aligned or something, I mean, even my sister likes my writing now and she was never a fan. She was only reading because I was making her to and she was always like: “Too mean!” or “Too much swearing!” or “Too insensitive!” or “Too much information about me!!! Delete it right now or I will never speak to you again!” Between you and I, I never deleted anything and she is still talking to me. You could call it luck. (XO, sis!)

I have gotten compliments from brand new readers or from people I know that have just started reading my stuff or from people I know that are rediscovering my writing, because they “forgot how funny I am”. Really, is this something you forget? Joking aside, thank you all for the support and for the beautiful words.

I even got my first fan message. I haven’t discovered yet if it is from a genuine fan or someone is making fun of me, either way, it was hilarious. Here is the message, which was posted in a comment at one of my blogs:

“Hi! Taking into consideration the above subject I have to tell that I love the way you write. I check every day your blog just to make sure I’m not loosing any new post of yours. Some day I saw you very close to me (in the bus station) and I thought to say hi. To tell you how much I appreciate your work and that I really hope you will someday publish the book and that I will go hungry to buy it. But then I thought you may think I am a stalker. You were listening to music and you were singing, and I felt really good cause I felt that what your write is true and not invented. You once said you have this custom (I meant the custom to sing while listening even though you find yourself in a public place). Ok, so fallowing your advice I felt the need to share this with you. The next time I will meet you, I promise to say Hi. Being afraid for stupid, ordinary things might lead to un-lived experiences. So I said it. I feel better now.”

I mean, how close am I to needing a bodyguard and hiding from paparazzi? Anyway, with this blog in English, I was targeting fame overseas, not in my neighborhood, but fame has to start somewhere, right? At least (hopefully), the fan is outside my family and/or circle of friends.

Mihai Eminescu, Romanian National Poet...You can't deny he was hot hot hot!
Mihai Eminescu, Romanian National Poet…You can’t deny he was hot hot hot!

This week, two topics were really hot in Romania. First of all, it was celebrated the birth of our national poet (he is long time dead, of course). I wrote a blog in Romanian about my connection with this guy.

At one point, after reading all his work and several biographies, I totally fell in love with him. I was like 16 or something. I even considered traveling back in time to be with him, which was very possible in my mind, according to a book I had read in the past. Ok, you don’t get to say this is creepy, no! Teenagers nowadays fall for vampires. Falling for a dead poet is same shit.

Second of all, I actually learned by heart one of his poems (98 stanzas) to get a higher grade in Physics. The teacher made me choose between a Physics lesson (five pages of mumble jumble I couldn’t even decipher, less memorize it) and this poem. Five days later I was telling her the poem (it took me 20 minutes) and getting a nerd reputation. FYI: in my opinion (but no one asked me back then), if you recite poems, you are a poet, if you know Physics, you are a nerd. Not that is something wrong with that, though. Men that know things I can’t even pronounce, make me hot.

stupid girlThe other hot topic was a blog of a young lady listing five things she is looking for in men. She paid the 4 $ to promote the article on facebook and the whole thing got viral. The article, poorly written, I might add, states that the author needs in a men as follows: 1. perfect body, 2. to be well read and to recite her Russian poetry (she says he might get a sandwich in return for a Russian poem), 3. to be a good dancer because she doesn’t want her girlfriends to say she has a chimp as a boyfriend, 4. to realize he is not gay, which for her means that he would hold her hand on the street and give her flowers in public, without him being afraid his friends will laugh at him for being stupid or gay (I didn’t know gay men hold girls by the hand on the street, it kind of contradicts the whole gay thing but to her defense, gay is still taboo in Romania, people still think this is a mental disease) 5. to own an apartment/house by the age of 30, otherwise he is a loser. Living in a rental or with room mates is out of the question. 6. To organize her romantic dinners, with well cooked food and wine chosen accordingly, to dance her till the end of the night then fuck her in slow motion. And to do dishes afterwards. I know, there are six things, not five, but maybe she is not good at Math. Me neither, these science things are killing me. I have learned a 98 stanzas poem for a high grade in Physics, for god’s sake. Let’s not get judgmental here, will ya?



Lavinia 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 81: Post-holiday recovery almost done, I have fans, the creepiest crush I ever had and I wish less girls were stupid

  1. Slamdunk says:

    The lady with the list of 5 things sounds like quite a character. And I’d definitely be worried if she advertised 5 things yet stated 6–meaning there is always more to be revealed.


    1. Lavinia says:

      The saddest thing is that she is in her late 20s, fast approaching 30. And also, this is quite a phenomenon in Romania. Due to poverty, more people first see money and earthly possessions. Human interaction at many levels are money based. Poverty gives birth to monsters.


  2. Anonymous says:

    In case we will meet some day then I will tell you the story of how I got to read your blog. What I can tell you from now, is that it was not a joke and that I really like the way you are writing. Anyway it has nothing to do with the fact that we live in the same neighborhood. This was just a coincidence.


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