WTF Romania? Ep. 1

I have to start this series. I have no choice. Romania is making me. So, here is a thing about the average Romanian. If they are not allowed to do something, they will find a way. Illegal or dangerous, it doesn’t matter. They will have it their way.

For example, check out this picture. What do you see?


Let me describe it for you. This is an apartment building. An old, gray, communist and with very tiny, little rooms. My parents own an apartment in a similar building. In fact, this picture is taken in my neighborhood.

So, someone bought two apartments: one on the ground floor and the other one on the first floor. Then, using the two apartments, he built a Mediterranean villa, as seen in the picture. Moreover, this person put a fence around the land in front of his new villa and built a fountain too. Everything was built illegally, of course, on public property. But public property means it is his property too, right? (sample of Romanian thinking.)

Yesterday, the whole construction was taken down. He cried mostly over the fountain, because it was adorned with sea shells that he picked up himself. So sad…

And this is how my neighborhood made it to the national news. Classy, right? Wanna visit? 🙂

(Credits for the title to Becca. She writes very funny WTF Friday episodes. You should totally check them out!)


12 thoughts on “WTF Romania? Ep. 1

    1. Lavinia says:

      I have seen it today online. Since I don’t watch TV I am always the last to know. Not to mention I had no idea this exist in my neighborhood. I have seen many ground floor apartments extended in the gardens of the buildings but not of this grandeur, lol.


    1. Lavinia says:

      He built his exotic villa a few years ago. So he probably bribed people along the way, to let him be. The thing is now we have new mayor and she seems not to tolerate these illegal buildings spread all over the city. She is taking down illegal constructions for almost two weeks now. Which is good. I am not her fan but I might become her fan if she keeps doing this and other stuff that are needed.


  1. alin says:

    O, păi in Craiova e plin de aşa ceva. Plimbă-te niţeluş pe strada Râului, pe bvd.-ul ce duce la luncă, ori prin zona târgului şi faci rost de materiale pentru 2 ani de posturi zilnice.


    1. Lavinia says:

      Pe acolo sunt mai mult case de neam prost. Vila mediteraneana din 2 apartamente suprapuse intr-un bloc din Craiova, nu am mai vazut. Apartamente la parter cu balcoane extinse in gradina blocului, da, dar asa ceva nu…:)


    1. Lavinia says:

      In Romania it is quite a common practice to build on public property. They can ask for authorization later on, if needed. With a bribe placed to the right person, you can be authorized to build anywhere you like, to take down historical buildings etc. That is why our cities, including the capital, Bucharest, look so …let’s say eclectic:))


  2. sakuraandme says:

    Hey Livinia! *waving* Ohhh…how sad to have it all pulled down, but then again he didn’t get permission! The laws in Oz about that type of thing are sooo strict it’s ridiculous. At least he got to see his vision finished. 🙂 Hugs Paula x


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