My Romanian Diary Day 93: My little sis and I are cosmically connected and my writing finally brought in revenue (again)

big sisWhen I went to Berlin, I got myself an early birthday present while waiting for my plane at Vienna airport. A very nice perfume, Tresor Midnight Rose from Lancome.  I told my sister about it and I also told her how much I like Gucci Guilty, hoping she would catch my drift.

On my birthday she told me she got me a present, which was not Gucci Guilty (she caught my drift but she didn’t have the budget) but she wouldn’t tell what the present was as she wanted it to be a surprise. And she kept it a secret no matter how much I bugged her about it, that was so annoying!

Yesterday, exactly one month after my birthday, I finally got my present from London. Only Enrique Iglesias naked would have make it up for all the suspense I had to live for an entire month. So, I opened the bag almost sure it can’t be Enrique (the bag was too small) but still hoping, you can’t blame a girl for hoping, right?  And surprise! The bag contained, wait for it… a Tresor Midnight Rose perfume! And a very pretty dress.

I started laughing, really. I messaged my sister:

Big sis (that would be me): Hey, I got the present! Thanks!

Little sis (obviously, my little sister): Do you like it? I smelled perfumes for three days, making sure I would buy the right one!

Big sis: Yes, I love it! In fact, I like this perfume so much that I bought it as a birthday present for myself, after smelling all the perfumes in the duty free store at Vienna airport.

Awkward silence moment. (In fact, since we were Facebook messaging, it was not silence, just a pause between messages).

Little sis: Are you kidding me?

Big sis: Not at all.

Little sis: In fact, you told me you bought yourself a new perfume, but I didn’t pay attention…

Big sis: But don’t you find it incredibly cute that both of us, after smelling lots of perfumes, we bought the same one? I think we are cosmically connected or something…

Little sis: This is the proof I am not adopted, like you always used to say…

tshirt sister

What I am trying to do here in fact, is to send a message out there (in a very subtle manner), stating that I am still open to receiving belated presents for my birthday. The deadline is December 31 2013, when I start receiving presents for my 33rd birthday, so you might wanna hurry, I am sure you don’t want to overlap presents.  Yes, I am that nice! You are welcome!

Moving to a different topic now. As a result of my article My Communist Childhood, I was invited to write an article for the official magazine of the Institute of Romanian Revolution. I was asked if I can write in a serious, academic manner. I really enjoyed this question, apparently I have a clown reputation both offline and online. This is cool, I love making people laugh. So I am gonna get all serious for a few hours and do a dramatic piece on life during communism. And I will sign it with my real name.

Also, I forgot to tell you, two days ago I did my first paid blog. Someone asked me to rant in my usual style about snickers and he just wanted me to use a certain word and link that word to a website. It was poorly paid but it was my first money out of writing. Last year I was given a pair of flip flops and asked to review them. I was beyond happy, I love flip flops but obviously, I am not going to quite my day job for writing, just yet. I mean, my writing was more productive in junior high, than it is nowadays. Back in the day, as I was able to write at least ten different versions on a topic, I was doing my classmates’ homework when we had to submit compositions. The entrepreneur inside me decided I must get something in return for giving away my intellectual property so I was charging bars of chocolate and various snacks in exchange for my writing services,  this way being able to save my lunch money.  Oh, how I miss the good times when my writing was in demand and bringing in revenue…


Lavinia 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 93: My little sis and I are cosmically connected and my writing finally brought in revenue (again)

  1. jasonwrites says:

    Your writing will be in demand and produce revenue for a long time, I suspect. Anyone who can discourse on both Snickers and the decay of the Iron Curtain is a creative mind indeed 🙂


    1. Lavinia says:

      It is very sweet of you to say this, Jason, thank you. Of course, having an opinion on everything and expressing my opinions all the time, doesn’t make exactly creative, just talkative:))) But you are sweet, as always:)


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