Some love stories start with boy meets girl and some love stories…don’t start like this. Love comes in so many ways…

Luna Starla's Dreamy Stories

My Goldilocks kiss happened at the house of this guy I had a major crush on. I was a bit intoxicated and remember being surrounded by a group of guys at the party. I was lying on a couch and remember one guy sitting by my feet, giving me a foot massage, another guy caressing my legs as I had my thighs resting on his lap and my crush – who was playing with my hair since my head was on a pillow, on his lap.

In our intoxicated state, we decided to play a game of truth or dare. Being the twisted person that I am, I dared the guys to kiss each other. They only agreed to do so if I promised to kiss them back, which I drunkenly agreed to do.

The first kiss was really awkward. It felt like the guy had a really short tongue and moved it up…

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