Ana Lavinia versus The Pope

By Jason

Ana Lavinia deposed the pope,
She wrote a letter and he couldn’t cope.
Her will made the cardinals lurch
And put some Latin love in the Catholic church.
If you challenge this Romanian
She will prove contrarian
And tell you one hundred things about her
If of her wit you’re still unsure.


15 thoughts on “Ana Lavinia versus The Pope

    1. Doggy's Style says:

      Hit sent by accident.
      You know how much I liked the old Pope and rumor has it this one is just as bad.
      Where are we standing with this one?
      I’m preparing a post about the election and announcement.
      Gotta do some research to see how conservative this new one is, can’t wait for him to tell me I’m burning in hell.


      1. Lavinia says:

        We don’t like this one either. I have done some research. He is involved with some crap that happened during communism in Argentina, he is a Jesuit and Jesuits are quite controversial, he thinks women should not be above men because bible says so, of course he doesn’t agree with gay marriage and this bothers me a lot. Man kind makes progress on so many levels, yet we still care how people have sex and if they get married or not. I don’t think we have any chance to burn in hell, it is getting crowded in there with all the church people and politicians all around the world.


    1. Lavinia says:

      Well, you had to wait to see who is the new pope. So, I would say it was perfect timing. As the length, is perfect. It includes my name, I couldn’t be more proud:))) And I am so grateful to you:) Thanks again!:)


  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    U’r right, worse than political figureheads, religious zealots can be judgmental, mean spirited hypocrites. Wasn’t Jesus’ message about Love or something. It’s about time we have a lady for pope! ♥


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