WTF Romania ep. 2


Home made Romanian chandelier: all you need is a hanger, few bulbs and lots of courage. Good luck and probably I’ll see you on the other side.


In case you wondered why we have no roads…



We only move nature away if we need its items for a barbeque. When it comes to work, we prefer to blend nature and work …



Your husband like to come home unannounced? Till you teach him some manners, be a hero, build a stair under your window and save a life or two.



The things we can do with a mop!



Animal protection at the highest level! Only in Romania!



No bathroom? No utilities? No house? Excuses, excuses, excuses! None of these are reasons not to take a hot bath! Learn from this Romanian how to have a bath no matter what.


We are very eco friendly. Global warming is not our fault.



We don’t let small, insignificant details like: I have no pool or I have no terrace or I live at an upper floor, get in the way of tanning our butts.



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