This should be a new post

You see, I have a notebook and another smaller notebook and hundreds of post-its both at home and at work and in all my bags with topics I have to write about. I sit down and try to choose one of them when something else comes to my mind. And what usually comes to my mind is not a different topic but ideas like I have to clean my bags and my notebooks and my desk and my work computer and my home and my laptop and look! I have few more bags to clean that I totally forgot about and oh! this bag would totally match those shoes I bought last autumn, where are they, oh my God, did I give them away already, why do I keep giving away my stuff, no, I don’t have too many stuff, it’s just my closet is too small, I need a new closet, but how about I move to another apartment, in fact, I should move to London for a while, I really like Tate Modern and the chic London boys, too bad it rains so much, well, that won’t kill me, hey! I used to have some rain boots, where are they, oh, here they are, I don’t like them anymore, I should give them away, yeah, totally, my battery is low, where is my charger, never mind, I am hungry anyway, no, I don’t feel like having soup, I should go out for a pizza and then for a walk in the park, yes, and I will bring a book with me, sure, let’s make today a reading day, but right after I take a nap.


P.S. Happy spring, lovely readers!

Yes, that's me. At work. During a cultural event. My inner child won't grow up, not my fault.
Yes, that’s me. At work. During a cultural event. My inner child won’t grow up, not my fault.

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