My Greek Holiday Day 9

Day 9 was today. The weather has been moody the past few days but today it was beyond naughty, almost dirty. I went out to have my coffee. Beautiful weather. I finished my coffee, left to my room and changed. Beautiful weather. I put on my bathing suit, grabbed my stuff and went to the beach. Storm. I came back, changed my clothes, went for a walk. Beautiful weather. Ran back to get my bathing suit and my towel, got to the beach, I was happy for ten minutes then it started pouring. I went back to the hotel, the moment I stepped in the room, the sun was up. I ran back to the beach. Storm came. What a hell…I gave up and went to a taverna and had a lot of seafood. Bliss. And a bit of stomach ache but mostly bliss.

What happened in the meantime, since day 1, you may wonder.

Well, last Friday I went to a have drinks with a cute Italian. He doesn’t speak English, I don’t speak Italian. We ended up at a taverna where an Albanian waiter was serving us. He only spoke Albanian and Greek. This didn’t scare me one bit, I have a Master’s in Intercultural Communication, after all. First I had a short conversation with the Italian:

Lavinia: Birra?

The Italian: Birra!

Then I placed the order to the waiter:

Lavinia: Two Mythos beers, please.

Waiter: Kalamari? Fries?

Lavinia: We only want drinks, please. No food.

Waiter: Ok. Pork? Fish?

Lavinia: Only beer.

Waiter: Ok, beer. Chicken? Salad? Soup?

When he finally left, I thought it was all clear, finally. But no. He came back with appetizers, five minutes later:

Waiter: Until food is ready.

Lavinia: No food, please. Just beer.

Waiter: Ok, beer. Fish? Salad?

He left us the appetizers on the house and later on he brought us the beer too, asking us of course if we wanted potatoes? rice? chicken?Β  He was like a grandmother that simply couldn’t understand we were not hungry. He also mentioned to us the menu for the next day: Fish. Fresh fish. Small. Medium. Big.

But not only the waiter was funny. The Italian boy was funny as hell too. I felt like I was gonna die because of so much laughter, oh my God! I think who is funny, is funny in any language, even if they don’t speak the language. I don’t know if you understand what I mean. I am not even sure I understand what I mean. However…

We actually talked, you know. I told you I have a Master’s in Intercultural Communication. And no, I don’t mean I talked and he listened, no. Here is how things went on.

I can understand a little bit of Italian and he understands a little bit of Spanish. So my phrases began in Spanish, then I would remember a word or two in Italian and where no words in Spanish or Italian came to me, I would say it in English. I had no idea in what language I was speaking anymore, or if I was speaking any real language. I am pretty sure most words I said in Italian were in fact adapted from Romanian. Like, I pronounced a Romanian word with an Italian accent. Or parlando Italiano con la mano. Or something. I actually have no idea what happened there. But we talked, this is what matters.

He was speaking to me in a sort of Italian and Spanish and the waiter was speaking to us in Greek and Albanian. I didn’t miss my chance to tell the waiter the ten, twelve words I know in Greek, of course. It was Babel there already, it didn’t matter anymore. We learned that “piano piano” is “nadal nadal” in Albanian. Apparently I speak too loud even for an Italian so from time to time he would tell me: piano, piano. And the waiter would complete him: nadal, nadal.

Oh, and the Italian boy has an Egyptian friend. Useless to say I practiced my Arabic too, right? I know about twenty words in Arabic, but I know just the rights words to make me look fluent. Once, I embarrassed the hell out of an Arabic guy who pretended to be Mexican. I must tell you that story some day.


12 thoughts on “My Greek Holiday Day 9

    1. Lavinia says:

      The best part of living in Romania is being close to Greece:) I simply love this country. And you are right if you are positive and open to new things, the fun will come. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


    1. Lavinia says:

      We both had dinner before the drinks (not together though) but still we ate the free appetizers. Mostly me. If you put food in front of me I will eat, no matter how full I am. And we refused the free dessert the Albanian guy offered us. I guess it was rude but better to be rude than waste it, as none of us would have been able to eat much of it.


  1. lizzylou says:

    I just found this after I’d been following your Povestiri Amestecate blog for a few months. It’s the same story (or part of it) so I was very pleased to see that I had understood at least this much! I don’t really know Romanian but I am trying to learn just for fun. I speak Spanish and am now trying to learn French, and when I stumbled upon Romanian I found it really interesting and fun (I am such a grammar nerd) that I decided to try and learn it too. Your blog has sucked me in, I tell you. You are a good writer, and it’s much more interesting to learn a language reading real stuff than from a language course. Keep on with the good work! You are awesome!


    1. Lavinia says:

      Hey, Lizzy, welcome to both of my blogs. It is the first time I hear about a foreigner trying to learn Romanian just for fun! Good luck with it, it is a very interesting language, especially if you are a grammar nerd. The grammar is quite similar in Romanian, Spanish, Italian and French and these languages also have quite a common vocabulary. If I can be of any help, let me know! I am glad you like my writing, thank you so much for the nice words. I took a break from writing in the past month but I am back on business now. I hope to hear from you again πŸ™‚ Take care, girl!


      1. lizzylou says:

        Thank you! One day I may know enough to comment in Romanian on the other blog, but for now I’m just barely, slowly reading. But when you work so hard to understand something and it turns out to be a joke and you actually get it, you laugh twice as hard because you are so thrilled that you actually understood! Your blogs give me lots of opportunities to laugh — keep on brightening our days!


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