And dreams do come true!

You know that feeling when you want something really, really bad and it seems so impossible to ever have it and then boom! you suddenly have it and you can’t believe it’s true???

Well, yeah, one of my long time dreams came true last weekend. No, I didn’t get a house in Cuba. Nor Bora Bora. Nor at High Park in Toronto. Nor paid my mortgage in Romania. No, I wasn’t proclaimed New York Times Best Seller. I wasn’t even Freshly Pressed. And no, prince Harry didn’t call me to ask me out. Nor Antonio Banderas.  Also, Canada didn’t call me to ask me in. And I didn’t lose five kilos and/or gained ten centimeters. And no, I didn’t finish learning all the French, the Spanish and the Italian.

In fact, what happened was even better than all of the above together.  (wait for it!) I (wait for it!) WAS (wait for it!) A (wait for it!) … (wait for it!)…(wait for it!)…WAITRESS!!!

You see, I have always wanted to be a waitress but I always got distracted by other jobs and I never had the chance. I feel like an artist cannot be complete without waiting on people’s tables, it is part of growing as an artist. Or something.

Being a waitress is not rocket science. But for the standing, it is quite fun. I had some issues with the food ordering, as it was an Indian restaurant. I don’t speak Indian food very well, but, to my defense, I am very good at eating it. Therefore, when taking orders, the customers heard a lot of “can you please point it on the menu?”.  Eventually I took all orders correctly but because I write cursive, the chef didn’t understand very well my first order. Some mistakes were made, I apologized, eventually the customers had their food and I had to learn to write with capital letters. Now, that was very challenging.

Other than that, some customers asked me to join them for dinner. A nice family complimented my English and asked me to teach them some Romanian. I taught them how to say “I love you” to one another. That was so cute! Lavinia, the waitress in an Indian restaurant in London, spreading the love in Romanian. Awwwww, say it isn’t cute!

I had my dream job for two nights, over the weekend. I hope I get to do it this coming weekend also. I don’t know why I like it so much. Maybe because I like feeding people? Or maybe because it is so funny to watch people getting grumpier and grumpier if their waiting time is getting longer and they get snappy and look like they are about to kill someone and then, when their food comes, they are so absorbed by the content of their plates that they wouldn’t even notice if the restaurant catches fire and finally, when they are done, they look so happy and they act so friendly that they are this close to hugging the waiters and the other customers.

I will keep you posted about this new career path I chose. Meanwhile, tonight I am going to a language exchange. I want to practice my French and my Italian. A waitress must speak more than five languages, right?


6 thoughts on “And dreams do come true!

  1. deadlyeverafter says:

    I adore you! I also have these dreams of things I want to do that other people would look at as their worst jobs. There’s this cheesy gift shop on the waterfront here in one of the oldest buildings down there. It’s right across from where they sell whale watch tickets and next to the best seafood place in town. It’s tiny, and messy and it is my retirement dream job.



  2. Lavinia says:

    After 14 years of having serious jobs and aiming to be a professional in this and that, I have finally come to the conclusion that what makes me truly happy is what I do before and after work. So I have finally decided to work in order to live, not to live in order to work. I want to read, to write, to travel, to walk, to cook, to meet people, to be lazy. You can’t do all that when you have a career. So for now on I will go after the simple jobs in offices, hotels and stuff and use my brain for writing. Being an waitress is just a tiny little arrogance I have to do first because I have in my mind for so long and second because I need to pay the bills till I find a real job in London 🙂


  3. Doggy's Style says:

    “Lavinia, the waitress in an Indian restaurant in London, spreading the love in Romanian.” that would be the name of a novel.
    I’m working is something totally unrelated to my major, I had no experience, is far from being my dream job, pays the bills and a bit more. I’m happy tho, that’s all it matter.
    It was very refreshing post.


    1. Lavinia says:

      You are sweet as always, Leo. I am currently looking for a job that pays bills and more, this waitress job is not even close to that:)))) But it’s new and fun and I’ve always wondered if I could do it. So far, I have only dropped one fork, but there is time, hahahahaha


  4. Tina Mitre says:

    :)) Ma bucur ca ai ajuns cu bine si ca te-ai acomodat in Londra, Lavi. Astept alte articole si sa vb mai mult pe chat. Te pup, your first student ever (right?? was it me ?)


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