2014: let’s talk about it now because on December 31, my birthday, I will be busy talking about myself. Not that talking about 2014 is not about myself. It is. It is my blog. Now read! Please…

I entered 2013 in Berlin, with fondue on the table and not many resolutions in my mind. I was planning to learn French and finish my book and that was pretty much it.

Because life is full of surprises, 2013 proved to be spectacular:

– I overcame depression

– I took time off from my life and spent two weeks on a Greek beach, to write and to think and it felt absolutely fabulous. I am actually thinking to do this every year

– I started dating again

– I moved to London

– I visited Milan

– I learned a bit of Italian

– I read about 30 books, one of them in Italian

– I met some very nice, interesting people

– I spent my free time in parks, pubs, on my couch or in my bed, I went to musicals and museums

– I am just about to finish the second draft of my first book

– I became a better person in many ways: I tried to help out people more, I was less demanding, I was more understanding and flexible, I gave more chances to people in my life, I looked at things slowly and I started to learn how to hang on to the present moment more

– I enjoyed small things, I laughed more, I made people laugh, I tried to leave positive traces in the lives of people that crossed my path this year, I didn’t say No as often and when I did, I tried to say it in a positive way

– I ate healthier, I walked more, I exercised more, I read more, I wrote more, I dreamed more

– I kept a positive attitude towards life and people all the time

– I cut myself some slack, I accepted myself the way I was (crazy, sometimes weird etc) and I began working on accepting my past

I didn’t learn French. But it’s ok, it is on my list for 2014, together with more resolutions:

– Take a creative writing course

– Take salsa classes

– Publish my book

– Decide if I want to stay in London some more or move to Toronto

– If I decide to stay in London for at least one more year, I will join a mentoring program to help children

– Visit Paris and Amsterdam

– Have an exotic holiday

– See more musicals and plays

– Do something new every month

– Meet interesting people

– I will be kinder and nicer, I will learn new things, I will keep growing as a person, I will give more chances, I will be more supportive, I will not take anyone for granted, I will accept people the way they are, without judging them and I will take the best out of everything

– I will not punish myself for my mistakes, I will learn from them instead

– I will accept other people’s mistakes

– I will not change the world but I will try to make a difference


8 thoughts on “2014: let’s talk about it now because on December 31, my birthday, I will be busy talking about myself. Not that talking about 2014 is not about myself. It is. It is my blog. Now read! Please…

      1. Silving says:

        No,I don’t.only on computer.But I intend to check closer on the printing matter,I was discussing about it some days ago,so when thaT happens,you will know :). I pictured you as sexi as I could :D.


  1. mpetcu says:

    A quote from Winterson’s Sexing the cherry that goes well with the title of this post: โ€œThe Buddhists say there are 149 ways to God. Iโ€™m not looking for God, only for myself, and that is far more than complicated. God has had a great deal written about Him; nothing has been written about me.โ€
    May your 2014 be the greatest! ๐Ÿ™‚


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