For places like Ziferblat I moved to London

ZIFERBLAT came up in my Facebook newsfeed from Time Out London. I read the article and I decided on the spot I was gonna have a coffee there the following Saturday.

ZIFERBLAT is located in a beautiful apartment (vintage furniture, vintage accessories) and yes, you must ring the bell to be let in. I passed it two times because I was expecting it to be somewhere at ground floor. But then, why would it have been? Part of its charm is that you cannot stumble upon it. You HAVE TO know about it!

At ZIFERBLAT you make your own coffee or tea and you help yourself with whatever snacks are around. I had tea because the coffee machine looked impossible for me to use, I felt I was gonna need half a brain to get a coffee done. Someone tried to explain me how it worked but I gave up. But hey, that’s me, I love technology as long as I don’t have to learn how to use it. Next time I will take my travel coffee filter with me and brew my coffee in the only way I know how 🙂

Of course, you must wash your dishes. It won’t kill you. I didn’t do mine, one of my friends did it, while I offered to watch our coats and bags. I hate doing dishes. My sister knows it!

The only problem at ZIFERBLAT is that you might forget to leave. It is so cozy and homey that at one point you might feel you want to take your shoes off and get more comfortable. I, for one, felt as I was in my own living room. I had some friends with me and I also ran into a guy I went to high school with in Romania. What were the chances, seriously?

In terms of money, at ZIFERBLAT you don’t pay for what you get, you pay for the time you spend there: 3 pence per minute. And believe me, it is money well spent because you will have a great time there. I know I did!

Read a better review on Time Out London, mine has no facts, only personal opinions. I must be the worst reviewer ever.

By the way, ZIFERBLAT is at 388 Old Street, in Shoreditch, one of my favourite neighborhoods in London.


15 thoughts on “For places like Ziferblat I moved to London

      1. ghetran says:

        Imi inchipui! Nici la Bucuresti nu ma-ntalneam cu cunoscuti din intamplare (Slava D-nului!), daramite la Londra!;-) Oslo-ul e mic, aici te tot intalnesti.. 😉 Dar aici n-am prea multe de regretat, asa ca… hahah!


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