Dirty Dancing The Musical

I ended last week with a shopping spree at H&M, a walk in Central London, some milk chocolate waffles and Dirty Dancing The Musical at the Piccadilly Theatre.

I bought the tickets for Dirty Dancing The Musical in December from http://www.lastminute.co.uk and they were rather cheap, around 30 pounds each. I couldn’t choose the seats, they were about to be given to us by the theatre. We collected the tickets right at the theatre in the night of the show with absolutely no difficulty. I was a little bit worried since it was my first purchase on that website.

To my surprise, we were seated in the middle of the first row. They weren’t the best seats, we couldn’t see the feet of the actors and we couldn’t see very well in the back of the stage but I loved the experience. I felt like I was watching my own private show. I could see the faces, the gestures, the hair on their arms and the cellulitis of the actors (yes, even very fit women deal with cellulitis, perfection exists only on the cover of the magazines and it is achieved with the help of Photoshop) and at one point, at a fight scene, I had the feeling the actors were gonna fall into my lap.

Dirty Dancing The Musical is the best musical I have seen so far. All the actors were great, one better than the other as a matter of fact, and they rocked the stage. They danced and sang and acted beyond all my expectations. There were some moments when the scenes were so intense that I got goose bumps. I watched the whole show with a large smile on my face and we left the theatre singing and dancing.

Luckily, we are living in London and no one cares about three girls singing and dancing in the street or at the tube station. We could have been probably mistaken with some street artists by the passers-by and given some change but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

I am seriously considering to go see Dirty Dancing The Musical again. I am a little bit torn though, I would rather use to money to see another musical, there are so many good shows in London! But then I am thinking I could make a sacrifice and indulge myself in a little bit of hot dancing and great singing one more time. And I would get to see Aaron Richardson again, he is my favourite guy in the cast. He has the sexiest ass ever! (bad, bad Lavinia).

Tomorrow I am off to Oslo so I won’t have fun in lovely London this weekend but next week might start with another musical, From Here to Eternity. The next show on my list is The Book of Mormon. Kind of expensive for my budget but what a hell. I only live once.



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