From Here To Eternity – The Musical

I went to see From Here To Eternity and I would like to take this chance to apologise to the entire cast for not being in the story 100% but I was feeling so poorly, that I almost didn’t go.  It was on a Monday night, after work and after a long weekend in Oslo.

I liked the story and it was beautifully staged. I loved the dancing and the music and most of all, as usual at plays, I liked the energy the actors sent from the stage. Last but not least, the old look of the theatre made me turn my head from the show many times. I am such a sucker for old buildings!

From Here To Eternity is a very bold musical, quite explicit in terms of words usage. There was a lot of sexuality implied, but nothing aggressive or of bad taste.

From Here To Eternity is set in Pearl Harbor, 1941, where the girls sing “don’cha like Hawaii”, the men of G Company sing the blues, and where even on an army base, love and desire are never very far away. When the troubled Private Prewitt falls for the kind hearted escort club girl Lorene, and when his platoon sergeant, Warden, embarks on a dangerous affair with his commanding officer’s wife, Karen, the lives of both men are set on a course they cannot control. As war approaches, the worlds of the four lovers and the soldiers of G Company are dramatically ripped apart. (source)

And that is all I am going to disclose, you better go see the play if you want to know more.

My favourite song was something with “love me forever today” in it but I couldn’t find it on youtube, so I invite you to watch my second favourite from the show, Fight the Fight.

Right now, my personal top looks as follows:

1. Tanz Der Vampire

2. Dirty Dancing

3. We Will Rock You

4. From Here To Eternity

5. Wicked

I haven’t decided what show I’ll go to this month. I really want to see the Book of Mormon and I hope to buy tickets this month but they will probably be for later on. I will keep you posted.


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