My Anti – Rosie The Londoner style: Box Park sleepover and Tamesis Dock late lunch

A few days back I wrote this article.

I meant it to be a bit sarcastic (without offending Rosie) and empowering at the same time. Most women, me included, live on a budget and I wanted to show my readers how being content has nothing to do with the label of the bag you are carrying your tampons in. Because I am content and God knows I have no labels bursting out of my wardrobe.

About Rosie the Londoner, I honestly thought she was a rich girl letting us have a glimpse at her privileged life. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth, silly me. 

My last article was very successful and following some links I found in the referrals, I was exposed to the naked truth about Rosie. I am not going to comment about it because what she does and how she does it is none of my business. Whatever rocks her boat, there is room for all of us under the sun.

What I’ll do instead is a weekly style entry which I am going to label Anti-Rosie. She inspired me, with her Anti-diet 🙂

The purpose of this will be for us to come back to Earth, where the economy is down and the bills are high, to show women a low cost way of being happy and looking pretty while having decent aspirations (no, sobbing after shoes you cannot afford and feeling like you could sell a kidney for them is not okay). What I would like is for Rosie’s young readers to come to my blog for a reality check from time to time, after fantasizing about having Rosie’s life. After all the research I’ve made, I am now sure her life is as real as her boobs. 

So, let’s do this.

Rosie’s busy schedule sometimes sends her from a Ralph Lauren party to a Mayfair dinner, you know, almost similar to me last Thursday, when I had to hurry up from house sitting at Queen’s Park to sleeping in a box in Shoreditch.

Here is what I flaunted then and read about sleeping at Box Park here. Maybe you are curious about the morning after as well?

Ready to rock the box
Ready to rock the box

Room: God, no, not mine. I wish it was but, like I said, I was only house sitting. 

Hair: Washed with Aussie shampoo, treated with Aussie conditioner, tamed with a John Frieda thing and straightened by yours truly with ultimate disgust (I find the activity of making my hair straight extremely boring and life-sucking, that’s why I don’t do it often).

Blings: The Fossil watch that stopped more than a week ago at 8.30 pm. It is still 8.30 pm. I forgot to buy a new battery. And my Pandora charm bracelet, which used to have three charms and now it only has two (I lost one at the airport when heading to Oslo. That was in January. I should have replaced it. But I am lazy. So I didn’t.)

Dress: I don’t remember and it’s in the laundry now and I don’t really feel like looking for it and check the label, to be honest. Also, maybe the label is already gone, I sometimes cut the labels off because they are itchy. But it does look cute. My boss was sweet enough to adjust the sleeves for me, as they were too tight. It has a nice black collar which makes me look so innocent that I feel like I am cheating on people.

Leggings: Primark, £4

Shoes: Aldo, £35 (were 45 but I waited for the sales).

Bag: from TK Max, maybe £20, but I am not sure, I forgot.

You can’t see it in the picture, but I was wearing a jeans jacket as well (it was rather chilly that evening). It is a jacket my sister bought when she was about 15 years old, from a cheap shop in Romania. Considering my sister is now 29, I disagree the jacket is old. I think it is on its way to be very vintage. (I am 33, by the way).

I apologize I suck at selfies, I feel like I need to take a class or something. I never know what to arch/spin/twist for a sexy look. 

And despite of the low cost look, I had great fun that night! 🙂

Sunday Stroll
Sunday Stroll

Rosie likes stripes so let’s do stripes. This is the look she went for when she had some meetings a while ago. (With the amounts of pics she took before the meeting, I wonder if she made it on time)?

One Sunday this summer I had a late lunch with a friend, at 4 pm to be more precise, which consisted in a Full English Breakfast. I know, weird. Nothing fancy, on the deck of Tamesis Dock, one of the most entertaining places in London, if you ask me. I had a nine hours first date there and it was not because I was so lovely, if you know what I mean…

Top from H&M with £8 and skirt from Top Shop but bought in a charity shop with maybe £2.99.

Leggings from Primark and shoes from Shoe Zone, £8. I like Toms but until I get to afford them, these ones make a pretty comfortable substitute. When it comes to shoes, I am all about comfort. I am an old lady with a bad back.

Bag from a discounted shop in Romania bought ages ago and half price sunnies from Guess bought at Boots.

The best part of my attire is the book: The Infinite Plan by Isabel Allende, which I recommend to all the soul searchers out there. 

Sorry I don’t have pics with the Full English Breakfast but when I order food, I eat it, I don’t document it. 

And I don’t have links to send you to buy stuff but I am sure you can find your way around internet to get them 🙂 


16 thoughts on “My Anti – Rosie The Londoner style: Box Park sleepover and Tamesis Dock late lunch

    1. Lavinia says:

      Thank you for reading! Rosie is a blogger and her blog is successful mostly because of her pictures, which are great. My plan is to be a good writer so I am working on improving other skills. I suck at taking photos, for example and I will always will, probably.


  1. Laura says:

    Loved this! A lot of our modern reality (and not just The Londoner) is focused around obtaining the unobtainable, because everyone’s life, as they present it online, is edited. It’s a breath of fresh air, not only for the satire, but also just to be a little more down-to-earth. Great job!


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