Sunday: A Fine Balance, Jack the Ripper, Peppa Pig

I have just finished reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. A sad tale of a few individuals living in India. The central idea is that some people adapt to changes and loses and some don’t. Pretty much, a story like life itself: bittersweet.

Each book we read conveys more than one message. For one, there is the obvious message, that stays with us throughout the reading and then there are the discreet messages that we only receive if they are addressed to us. We all have questions that torment us and we are all looking for confirmation for what we do and what we think. When so, we have the feeling that our own universe is trying to answer us or agree/disagree with us on all possible channels. Then all that we read and hear and see become so personal, feeding our minds, quests or anxieties. 

Rohinton Mistry left me a message in his book, sensing I needed confirmation. I believe that a person comes with many layers, some to keep them safe (lcoldness, arrogance), some to keep them warm (love, joy). Sometimes the layers come off and on in great speed and one might lose sense of how that person really is. Some keep the layers that keep them safe for too long while others never wear them or wear them casually, like you wear a rain coat on your arm, thinking it might rain. If the rain comes strong and sudden, you might not be able to put on the coat before getting soaking wet. 

The thing is, I often forget about how many layers people wear and I don’t have patience to wait for them to reveal themselves to me. And it’s not because I am in big hurry. Because I am not. This is what this book reminded me of: to be patient with people, if not for their sake, at least for mine. Some of their layers might match with mine. Some of their demons might want to play with mine.

My fav quote in a Fine Balance
My fav quote in a Fine Balance

On a different note, here are the news of the weekend for me (I leave out the wars, the beheading executions and crashed planes, though):

An American teen was arrested because he W R O T E in an assignment how he shot his neighbour’s pet dinosaur with a gun. USA allows people to own guns without many restrictions and that 9 year old girl that shot her instructor by accident is free (not that she should be jailed, it was an accident). And this boy wrote a piece of fiction and got arrested. Blimey!

Identity of the serial killer Jack the Ripper is finally unveiled and … tadaaaa….he was a Polish immigrant. UKIP was right, after all (thank Zeus he was not Romanian, pfewww).

– Last but not least, apparently Peppa Pig is haram! A Muslim, incredibly offended by the pink piggie, wants her banned from TV and requests for halal versions of cartoons. Will ISIS put this on their agenda, I wonder?

Creme de la creme comes from my mother land. I don’t know which one to tell you, our politicians do so many blunders! For example, the new thing is that the minister in charge with the Romanians abroad has absolutely no idea how many Romanians are abroad. He “estimates” less than a million in Italy and over a million in Spain. I estimate that too, and nobody pays me a minister’s salary, darn it. Except there are few more other countries in Europe and few other continents on the globe where Romanians are spread but the matter is out of hands. Therefore, he asked THE ORTHODOX CHURCHES in foreign countries to give him an estimate. I suggest that Romania should close the embassies and consulates, the Ministry of Interiour and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and open churches worldwide. In Romania there are more churches than hospitals, anyway…

That’s all for now. I will try to slowly get out of my misery this week because the plans are building up for the weekend. Also, I brought these two babies home the other day. Which one shall I start next?



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