A day in London: getting things done is just a matter of logistics

My Wednesdays are usually work days and Fridays are school days but it’s half term so I’ll work on Friday which leaves today to relaxing and catching up with some chores.

On my list today: wake up early and do some homework (partially checked; I woke up early but had coffee in bed and read instead), do hair and put on nice make up then have picture taken for ID renewal (not even close to checked but I can proudly say I showered!), visit friend for cozy afternoon (I will definitely check that), go out tonight to a posh place for drinks and live music (I am determined to check that as well).

Now…the thing is that my friend lives a bit far from my place so once I’ll leave the house I am gone for the day. The other thing is that it’s a crappy rainy day in London today and rain is not good for hair, makeup, nice shoes etc.

So here is my plan:

1. In the evening I am supposed to look like this


2. But the evening is few hours and bus/tube journeys away so I’ll accessorize my little black dress accordingly


3. Except for the comfy jumper, I’ll also wear comfy leggings

4. And wellies and raincoat


5. While shoes and pantyhose will be packed in my bag


6. Oh! I forgot about the photos! I guess I’ll try to walk as fast as possible to the nearest photo shop (is this what it’s called?), hair in a bun and a big umbrella protecting my makeup from rain. There I’ll take off my jumper and try to look stylish and classy for the photo that will be on my ID for the next ten years. Thank all gods I have no pimples today! I mean I have two or three but under my jaw, no photographer can capture that.

7. Finally, don’t forget Oyster and Mind the Gap!

P.S. Not that I am trying to pass as a trendsetter, we all know I have no style, but in case you are wondering, the raincoat is from M&S and it is my first raincoat ever. Wellies and shoes are from Aldo. Wellies were bought on sale because I can’t possible pay more than £20 for rubber boots. Just can’t.


8 thoughts on “A day in London: getting things done is just a matter of logistics

    1. Lavinia says:

      I need a hand luggage for a regular day, especially if it includes yoga 🙂 Book, umbrella, sun glasses, spare cardigan, a snack, a bottle of water. A long day is like a day trip :)))


  1. Silving says:

    I gave up being elegant here in Scandinavia,longtime ago :)) (and to think that I could not go across the street without dressing up and putting lipstick on).Here it could start raining by the time I got to the other side of the street :D.


    1. ghetran says:

      I live in Scandinavia, too, but that never stopped me from being stylish.;-) haha! The trick is not to use mascara and to take public transportation when it´s raining. I do have rubber boots and a rain coat, but they´re strictly for walking the dog. 😉


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