Nanny Diaries: Today I went up The Shard, I watched “Matilda” and I made Rice Crispy Cakes.

I have finally reached the next level of my life in London. I am living ALONE. In a studio flat but ALONE. The only time I lived in a tighter space was when I worked in Bucharest and I lived in a hotel room for nine months. Other than that I was always in a two bedroom (my parents’) or a one bedroom (my own). I was talking to my boyfriend the other day about how we put up with living in tiny expensive places for the sake of being in London. And we both agreed it is worth it.

I will leave the tales about my flat and about life on my own for a future blog post. Instead I will tell you about my day at work. My nanny job will finish in a few months and I am determined to write more about it since it is the best job I had in my entire life. And I had some “posh” jobs, mind you 🙂

Today I woke up to this glorious warm morning.


I made some eggs and a strong coffee, preparing for the first day of half term. Half term means that the two siblings of the three year old I take care of don’t go to school and we get to spend time together. Which is always lovely but not always quiet.

I don’t know if it was the eggs or the coffee or both but we had the most perfect day. All children were at their best behaviour therefore we managed to do so many things that I feel two days have passed instead of one.

We started with a visit at The Shard (kids go free this week!)

10993095_987949537889820_747453942770354023_n 10346194_987949557889818_5651077206499141588_n

Then we had lunch at Absolutely Starving. I didn’t take pictures of the food, pardon me. They make custom sandwich baguets so you can let your imagination run wild. I would have expected some crazy combinations from the kids but they played safe and had only cheese in their baguets. I had a very good rice and chicken (I skipped the bread, saving myself for some brioche I was planning to have with my afternoon coffee).

After lunch we went to a park and played in the rain for a while. Rain, from my point of view. The kids said it was just a bit wet. Them Brits!

In the afternoon we went home, watched “Matilda”, made some Rice Crispy cakes, had hot dogs for supper and made plans for tomorrow. Apparently, we will go to the Museum of Childhood&more. I love that museum, please go visit if you haven’t been already, it is always a treat, no matter how old you are.


P.S. See why I will terribly miss this job?


10 thoughts on “Nanny Diaries: Today I went up The Shard, I watched “Matilda” and I made Rice Crispy Cakes.

  1. Silving says:

    See! 😀
    Asta cu branza in baghete mi-a amintit de ce zicea fii-mea ieri.E un loc in oras unde se vande toast cu branza.Si zicea fii-mea ca ieri era o vanzatoare,si ca ii place mai mult cand e ea,ca pune branza mai putina,si ca atunci cand e barbatul (sotul,probabil),el pune branza mai multa,si la sfarsitul toast-ului ramane branza,prea multa.In fine,eu as fi zis ca asta e bine,dar ea mi-a explicat ca nu e,si mai are si un fel amuzant uneori de a folosi cuvintele romanesti,si m-am distrat grozav :D.


    1. Lavinia says:

      Sunt draguti copiii bilingvi :)) Imi amintesc de un copil pe olita, care nu putea sa faca caca si il intreba ta-so daca vrea sa se ridice si copilul i-a zis: No, tati, o sa ma screm some more! :))))


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