I commute therefore my train of thoughts is not going straight – 1

“There is nothing like the smell of pot in the morning” I was thinking while walking to the Overground station  earlier this morning. And it isn’t. It simply doesn’t fit with the crisp air and with the freshness of recently showered people. But this is the former occasional pot smoker speaking. Occasional meaning every now and then at some party. Now I am done with it, pot doesn’t go well with antidepressants. I can barely have two drinks without getting away with the fairies. Poor me.

I am going through changes in my life. I actually like changes, the excitement new brings, to be more precise but history taught me that changes in general have a deep impact on me. Since this time I am aware of it and most important, I can afford it, I will take it slow, to adjust to change without facing psychological consequences. Therefore, I have started my new career in London, as a Romanian Interpreter, but only two days a week. The other three I am still the happiest nanny that can be.

Speaking of being a nanny, right now I have a tummy bug and a flu bug lurking around me and a kid close to the family has worms. But no nits this week, yey!

Also, my nanny job is just up the street from the home of Jihadi John. It kind of gives me the freaks. Not to mention he was apparently trained at a mosque at Finsbury Park, very close to where I live.

Commute is almost done. So am I. Over and out.


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