It’s official. I have the flu.

I am in bed, with a 3 year old sleeping on top of me, curled up like a cat. We are both down with the flu.

We’ve tried all day long to stay strong: we’ve played with the trains, read books, watched Peppa Pig and tried to watch Frozen (but the DVD stopped and the idiot nanny, aka me, had no idea how to work the TV, DVD player and the three remote controls).


I have a soup simmering on the stove, an English breakfast tea with lots of lemon forgotten somewhere downstairs , a 3 year old sleeping on top of me, like I’ve already told you and a plan to watch PSG vs Chelsea at a sports bar tonight. Because boyfriend.

I also have some Advil a friend smuggled from the USA so I might actually be able to watch the game.

Isn’t Advil awesome?
Who are you gonna cheer for tonight?
How many Peppa Pig episodes can a person watch before committing suicide?



2 thoughts on “It’s official. I have the flu.

  1. ghetran says:

    Have no idea what Peppa Pig is, but Advil is some wonder medicine, right?
    I´ve been down with a cold for 5 days in a row now (I can´t honestly remember a longer sick period, ever!), so I´d really need some! I also heard of cloves oil, supposed to work wonders, I´m getting some from the Plafar in May!;-) Get well soon! 😉


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