I am a nanny

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I declare myself an interpeter/writer/nanny. Yes, I work three jobs that couldn’t be more different from one another but that have one thing in common my LOVE. My love for English/words/children.

This nanny job I have should have been a temporary gig until I decided what path to take in my new life in London. With a background in travel industry and marketing, my fate would have been a 9 to 5 job in an office. I spent a lifetime in offices, I have come to dread it so much that I decided to indulge myself in my nanny life a little bit more.

Being a nanny is not an easy job especially if you are not fond of children at all times, even when they throw tantrums and scream as if they are being beheaded or something. If a tantrum annoys you to the point you feel like shouting or even worse, hitting the child upside the head, then please never become a nanny.

I don’t mind tantrums much. Ok, sometimes they happen when we are in a hurry going somewhere, or in a packed bus, but all together I am fine with it. Children have the right to be upset just like adults have. While we can contain ourselves, they are just forming these skills now. And they need our help. Also, the best part of tantrums is that they are followed by lovely cuddles. I find children’s cuddles the most heartwarming.

Apart from tantrums, being a nanny is awesome. It is the best job I have ever had. As a nanny you get to play, full around, spend hours on end in parks, museums, playgrounds and all sort of outings. Ok, sometimes you get to read about fifteen books of which ten are Peppa Pig books and this can be a bit overwhelming but you will survive.

Nannies are paid well, at least in London. A nanny probably makes what a Junior in Marketing makes, but without the long hours and the pressure. A nanny also gets love. The best kind of love, that is. A child’s love is such a precious gift, priceless, I dare say. Children love unconditionally and with all their might, even when they don’t like you that much. I might sound extremely sad to some people, but the love of these three children I look after is probably my biggest achievement in life to the date.

Also, their love came when I needed it most: starting over in a foreign country, clueless about what my next step should be. This job and these children gave me purpose and at the same time they were my anchor in this new city, in this new life.

But, unfortunately it doesn’t take only lovely children to make a nanny job amazing. It also takes a lovely family. I was lucky to get one. The children’s parents are both role models to me. They have a beautiful marriage and they are on the same page when it comes to the children. They treat me with utmost respect and demand the same from their children. Not even the tinniest rude comment towards me is accepted from the kids or to treat me as if I am their servant. They have to put their dishes on the side and tidy up their room even if they have a nanny. And the parents not only tell them how to behave, but they set an example. They do what they preach and I admire them for this. Being a good parent is harder than being a lousy parent but it pays off.

Being part of this wonderful English family three days a week helped me a lot adjusting to the culture. Seeing them in action, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles gave me an idea about what is accepted and what is not accepted in the British culture.

I have changed a lot during the past year and a half, since I’ve been with them. The changes came organic, bit by bit, totally unplanned. That is the beauty of changing, I guess. One day you simply realise you are an improved version of yourself.

Also, having this job three days a week gave me something I never had before: four days weekends. I swear I never had so much time in my hands, not even when I was in school. I enjoyed the easy life for a while but then I decided to do something useful. So I went back to school. I studied Community Interpreting, in my attempt to stay away from offices for the rest of my life.

This year I have started my interpreting job and my writing gigs are starting to add up. But I still cannot give up being a nanny just yet. I am seriously considering doing it for one more year, at least one day a week. No other job puts a smile on my face like the nanny job does. And going through life smiling is my goal.


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