My long weekend and a lovely book for you to read

I didn’t go anywhere this weekend. Boyfriend went to the countryside in France and I stayed behind, to enjoy my studio flat while I still have it. My boyfriend and I are moving in together in three weeks time and I know I will miss my own space. We will be living in a one bedroom, but still, the days when I have the flat for myself will be few and only the loners can understand me 🙂

I had some Interpreting bookings on Friday, watched Star Trek Into the Darkness on Friday night (it has Benedict Cumberbatch in it and I had no clue about it, what a lovely surprise!), read a beautiful book on Saturday, booked a plane ticket for a weekend in Oslo in August and missed my yoga session because of a totally random nap.

The book I read is The Skeleton Cupboard by  Tanya Byron. Stories of crisis, sanity and hope inspired by the author’s years of training as a clinical psychologist. The stories follow not only the patients’ dramas but also the humanity of the trainee psychologist, her fears and doubts and her mistakes. For instance, before a patient dealing with panic attacks comes for his appointment, the author is asking herself: ‘What if I have an anxiety attack?’

What I have learned from the book is to embrace my weaknesses as they are only traits of my humanity and turn them into strengths. I am a firm believer in the possibility to convey negatives into positives with a bit of effort and a lot of will.


On Sunday I went for coffee at Old Street. Shoreditch on Sunday morning is pretty amazing, so quiet and so still, after the Saturday night chaos. On my way home I stopped at a local Greek eatery in my neighbourhood for a Gyros and for some Greek language in the background. I miss Greece so much it hurts but I don’t think I am going to see it this year. We are debating between Greece, Portugal and Vietnam for our summer holiday and I am pretty sure Greece will not be the winner.

Here are some pictures of the Old Street. Always work in progress, this London of mine, eh? Do follow me on Instagram for more pictures of London.





How was your long weekend?


2 thoughts on “My long weekend and a lovely book for you to read

    1. Lavinia says:

      That building makes me sooo dizzy! I can’t look at it long. I can’t wait for the next long weekend. The prospects of days off makes me so happy, hahaha. Sorry about the flu 😦


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