Monday, Funday?

I didn’t want to wake up this morning but then I never do.

Autumn at my window
Autumn at my window

I didn’t sleep well and I didn’t sleep enough and boyfriend has started to snore lately, which is annoying (I have to have him checked). That’s nothing though, when I come to think that the other night he simply snatched the pillow from under my head while I was fast asleep. I woke up puzzled and wanted to shout at him but he was shouting at someone else already. He was having a bad dream. I tried to wake him up, I couldn’t, so I turned on the other side and went back to sleep hoping for the best.

Back to this morning, I tried my best to have a good-ish start after a weekend wasted in bed, drowsy from a meanie flu. I had a very early booking near my home so I dragged myself there, with a few sips of coffee in my tummy, no breakfast and no make up. The patient didn’t come so I crawled back home and under the duvet, feeling sorry for myself, because I had more work to do after lunch and all I wanted was a long nap.

While I was trying not to fall asleep, researching for a piece of writing and organising my week I was informed I was not needed for the rest of the day, after all. Which meant many hours for me to rest and to do some long due chores without any sort of pressure. First things first, so I decided to start with that most wanted nap. I couldn’t because there was no pressure (I nap the best when I am busy or I have to be somewhere) so I watched an episode of Once Upon A Time instead, not before logging in for telephone interpreting (to pretend I am working, obviously).

Slowly, my Monday got better and better. I relaxed, I got some things done, I made some plans, I moved around things (I always do that, boyfriend completely lost track of what we have and where we keep it).

Always adding new things, almost never getting rid of old things. Please meet my new beautiful candle holder.
Always adding new things, almost never getting rid of old things. Please meet my new beautiful candle holder.

I even did two loads of laundry! It was one load really. but a tissue was left in a pocket the first time (I suspect boyfriend) so I had to do it twice. It does count like two loads, doesn’t it?

What I meant to say was that Mondays can turn out good but it takes a miracle, the miracle of an unexpected day off. I suggest we canonize the concept and start a church: The Church of the Unexpected Days Off. I am sure it can beat Jesus.

By the way, what motivated you today?


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