National Gallery in London

I am trying not to take living in London for granted, as I suppose we, Londoners and wannabe-Londoners are tempted to do when in rush to get things done and call it a day.

I will tell you how I use London as a comforter when my mood is low and I need a little pick me up.


For instance, getting myself in the tube and to Trafalgar Square for a couple of hours works wonders on me. I go to the National Gallery to my favourite section, the Post-Impressionist artists (rooms 33 to 46) and I simply look at the paintings that tickle my fancy. I am not an art expert, I just use it to disconnect my brain from my reality so I don’t have tips on how to look at a painting in order to get a/the message. I look at some of them quickly, while at others I stare for minutes. Sometimes a certain mix of colours or maybe the shapes catch my eye. It is never the same thing.

Father and daughter looking at “Water Lillies” by Claude Monet. room 43.


Usually, after a visit at the National Gallery I stop at the Waterstones in Trafalgar Square and have a hot drink and a nibble at the Costa Cafe upstairs. It’s the cosiest Costa Cafe in town, if you ask me. You are welcome to grab a book on the shelves to go with your coffee or read your own. I sometimes grab my notebook and write down something. Art makes my creative juices flow and it only makes sense to take advantage of the moment.


I wrap it up with a walk in the neighbourhood, if I have the energy to face the crowds, of course, and then I go home feeling recharged and grateful. High rents and pollution aside, living in London, with easy access to all that is great in this world, it is quite a blessing, you got to admit it.

P.S. National Gallery is in Trafalgar Square, at Charing Cross station. Admission is free for the permanent exhibitions.


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