How to live with a man without losing your mind

I don’t know about other men, but mine is like a hairy child with an important job of sorts. But since I am a part time nanny, I think I can handle him a little bit.

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Rule of thumb, just like with any other toddler, praise the good and ignore the bad. At least until your PMS strikes and all the hell is unleashed. A random example from my household:

“Why do I have to tell you when you need to take out the rubbish?”

“I think we have a different perception of what a full bin is”.

And that is true. A full bin for me is a bin that stinks. A full bin for him is a bin that is spilling out.

If he has even a small glass of wine, he snores like a pig (no offense to pigs). I usually try to turn him with his face up while he is huffing and puffing, only for him to get back as he were the next second. I usually give up, call it a night and read. Last Saturday I remember I took half of Xanax from my emergency stash, just to pass out and not hear him anymore. The result? When he woke up fresh like a daisy (but smelling less nice, obviously), I was crawling to the gym despite the drowsiness, with my power of reaction annihilated, submissively going through all the mad routine my trainer had in store for me.

Very busy boyfriend

Men, just like children, could play computer games for days on end. At my nanny job, just like at my home, I have limited the screen time and it is usually allowed after the culprits (kids or boyfriend) do some chores and most definitely there is no screen time right before going to bed. This is what books are for. Also, no watching TV during supper.

As a punishment for all my rules, he came up with his own rule: nothing belonging to me under or around his piano. Therefore I came up with other two rules: he must vacuum and change the bedding every Saturday morning. Naturally, he changed his mind about the piano. Sort of. I mean, if I leave my bag under it, let’s say, he will move it with a huff and puff while giving me some serious side eyes.

But playful…

Also, my man believes everything I say. I was out one evening and I texted him to tell him I left some nice steak in the oven for him. Couple of minutes later he replies: “I can’t see it!” Which proves I can make him look places from wherever I am. Which is quite fun.

Bottom line: I don’t know how to live with a man without losing my mind but I am good at looking at the glass half full. In this case I could say that at least my boyfriend makes me laugh, he respects my need to have my own space and he is quiet when I take a nap. And he can be trained in other areas.


5 thoughts on “How to live with a man without losing your mind

  1. superduper says:

    if you keep this shit up… sooner or later he will fucking move on to another or to himself…
    you may notice already that he does not need you and that you try to change him all the time, and when you do not succeed you feel pissed

    stop trying to change him!
    that is the no1 divorce reason for men…
    they will never complain much as it happens, but one day he will see another man that is not changed, and he will look at himself… and that is the point when he will decide to don’t give a flying f..k on you anymore

    keep bragging about your own crap and dismiss his interests and you will end up alone
    like 50% of all women in the west that think men are “idiots and childlike”…
    yes they are… otherwise they never marry with someone that disrespects them and their choices in life…

    but they eventually grow up…


    1. Lavinia says:

      You have probably read another article and commented here or you are venting here for personal reasons :)) Fyi, we broke up, it was mutual and no one was harmed in the process. The reasons were completely different from the ones you mentioned. My article was wtitten for entertainment purposes . Things were exagerated for the fun of it. No, I will not end up alone as long as there are still cats left in the world :)))


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