London was sunny and warm today so I attempted lounging in the garden, after watching A Girl Like Her on Netflix and taking a two hour long nap, if this can be considered a nap.

I “cooked” Caprese on toast and a quick salad of cucumbers, balsamic vinegar and dill and I finished my feast with Greek yogurt topped with dried berries.

Robe life on a Tuesday is pretty awesome. I was home alone and I enjoyed the silence and the solitude like the perfect freak that I am with almost sexual pleasure. I did some writing and a lot of soul searching. All in all, I decided I am quite happy. For the moment.

Among all the soul searching, the mixed cuisine eating and the following of the #Brexit news, I did some online shopping. I bought some pots for the garden from Wilko, a sun lounger for the garden and a coffee table from Ikea and a facial treatment at Skin Life Beauty and Aesthetic Clinic with apparently quite famous Ramute. I have half the day off on Thursday so I am gonna give my face skin a treat. It looks dull and unhappy at the moment, full of black heads and quite sun damaged. I will let you know if it’s worth a visit.

I have done a lot of shopping lately. It’s safe to say I spent more than I earned but since no summer holiday is lined up for me this summer, maybe only a weekend in Oslo, I have decided to refresh my wardrobe instead.

I bought this dress from Cos and I am completely in love with it. I wore it at my sister’s very informal wedding and I think I will wear it again next week when I go to see Swan Lake.

This pretty denim dress is from Warehouse, a great summer addition indeed. Now all I need is summer!

Warehouse, Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress Mid Wash Denim 1

This very pretty red dress came from Warehouse as well. I didn’t read the description and once it arrived I was surprised to see it’s 4% elastane and 96% polyester which is against all my principles. I decided to return it, then I lost track of time and forgot about it. Long story short, now I have to wear it. It looks good on me but the fabric looks so uncomfortable and cheap. Lesson learned: read the damn description!

Warehouse, SLEEVELESS D RING DRESS Bright Red 1

I was lucky enough to find a nice dress at Anthropologie reduced from 130 to about 30 or something. Anthropologie is pretty much out my budget unless a bargain comes along.

Other than that, I read Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage which I do not recommend. I thought for a moment that Murakami delegated someone to write for him. The artificial dialogue bothered me the most. Otherwise the story would be nice, but it could be told in a shorter novel and it should stick to introspection. I didn’t believe that dialogue one bit.

I am now reading The Master Orphan’s Son by Adam Johnson, a distopya set in North Korea and I am quite into it. I have a lot of books lined up but for some reason I am a slow reader these days. I am starting to think I am reading the wrong books maybe?


One thought on “Tuesday 

  1. easyweimaraner says:

    I made bruschetta with caprese yesterday too… seems it was caprese day :o) I ordered my denim dress from asos and now I wait for the parcel… the app said it comes today between 8 am and 6pm…hope it comes now I still sang the complete Mr. Postman song 87 times LOL


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