I was looking forward to going to Amsterdam two weekends ago. My first city break this year, because I didn’t have energy for much, in between a breakup, a new relationship, moving house and work at the same time.

But then on Friday I woke up in a new London, quite perplexed by the results of the referendum. I decided not to worry much about it but it is not easy to do so when you are a tiny bit informed and you are aware of the consequences. On a personal level I am quite safe. I can apply to become a permanent resident and I can always choose a different career path if Romanian Interpreters will become redundant. Just in case, I will start learning British Sign language asap, for instance.

We flew to Amsterdam on Friday evening, after a two hours delay. We were greeted by joy and happy people and a party vibe was in the air that made us feel a little bit more relaxed after the funeral vibe we had felt all day long in London. “What Brexit?” I felt like shouting while decompressing bit by bit. We had Thai curries al fresco and then we went to the hotel.

Boyfriend spent all Saturday at the Dutch PHP Conference where he was a speaker while I strolled the center on my own, looking at things slowly, enjoying the Amsterdam magic and feeling very lazy.

On Sunday we had breakfast in bed and then we set for Van Gogh museum. We had bagels for lunch and walked all the way there talking about innate talent versus practice and learning. I think some people are born with a certain skill and vocation but they need to put in a lot of work to achieve success. I also think that if you don’t have the vocation you can work as hard as you can but you might never be more than average in that specific field. Boyfriend doesn’t believe in being born with a calling for a certain something, he is all about working hard to obtain success so it was a very long talk with me not having many arguments for my point of view except for Garcia Marquez that never studied to become a writer and that had a horrible spelling. Of course boyfriend bombarded me with zillions of titles of studies that were made in the field which I decided were biased, even though I never read them or heard of them for that matter 🙂 I guess I am not a good conversation par tenet for my ever scientific and very geek boyfriend 🙂

Van Gogh museum was a charming experience. I strongly advise you to pay the 5 euro for the audio guide, it is totally worth it and it enhances your experience. It is also a good idea to book the tickets online, the queues are impossibly long, time wasting and soul sucking. 

After three hours spent at the museum we set ourselves to walk towards Jordaan. It was supposed to be a half an hour long walk but one hour and many pictures later we were still not there. It’s hard to just keep on going in a city so picture perfect. 

We stopped at a pretty restaurant, all organic and hippie and we had dinner on a blanket by a canal. Check out this place if you find yourself nearby.

My next city break might be Oslo. No plans for a summer holiday, as we are saving for my traditional birthday in the sun, at the end of December. It’s ok, I had a holiday in April. The greedier I am, the poorer I get 🙂


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Amsterdam is my kind of town, really lovely pictures! There’s Vondelpark, bike rides around the city, and canals galore. I can see walking around breathing in fun vibes all day long. Gashouder- best nightclub hands down! 🙂


  2. frederick anderson says:

    I too love Amsterdam. The street performers, the restaurants with some amazingly different Eastern cuisine, the little jazz clubs and the canal side cafes with their slightly dodgy brown cake. In my city breaks itinerary the next natural choice would be Budapest – another beautiful place, if slightly less laid back than Amsterdam…


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