Monday Fuckday

I went to bed late, I woke up early. Fatal combination.

My first interpreting booking lasted 15 minutes. The patient didn’t show up for the second one. I spent 20 minutes chatting with the therapist. People skills: ON.

At lunch I went to Pret for a soup. I got a free salmon sandwich. Scored!

On top of it being a Monday, I started my class  today. But first, I took a good look at my beautiful London.

I spent four hours with eight people in a room and I didn’t feel like punching them in the face too much, only at times and especially during group assignments. So help them God ’cause I’m beyond help. People skills: ON&OFF.

I left the class drained. At one point I read a billboard inside a bank: Online baking. My cue to go find a place to eat. Wurst with sauerkraut and mustard it was. Hunger tantrum averted.

I bought a nice candle holder in a charity shop and this is probably the nicest thing I have done today.

I  am now couch potatoe-ing and I hope you are too.

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