An Interpreter’s Life


Yesterday it was a beautiful autumn day. Not too cold or at least I didn’t feel it as I was wearing a proper winter coat, windproof and everything because from now on until June I won’t care about pretty outfits anymore. It will all be about me not freezing and not dreaming of my duvet 24/7.

The day started with me waking up extremely grumpy and tired. Boyfriend had taken me to see Lisa Hannigan the night before, on Monday evening that is, and that was very tough on me. Four whole hours of standing! My feet and my back completely disagreed with this form of entertainment and I felt older than ever. I am ashamed to say that my 45 year old boyfriend did better than me. Lisa was amazing though, I have never listened to her music before but boyfriend is a big fan. He knew all the lyrics and acted like a silly, happy fan boy 🙂

With no breakfast in my tummy, I headed to Pimlico, where I had a short job. After that I found myself with a few hours to kill till my next job. I walked all the way from Gordon’s Hospital to Tate Britain, enjoying the scenery: red brick buildings, beautiful autumn foliage, all that peace and quiet. For about twenty minutes I didn’t think of severe alerts and Satan nukes, I just took in the late morning air and I felt grateful I get to live in an amazing city where in between jobs I get to stop for a few minutes by the pier then go look at beautiful art, before carrying on with my day.

I spent over an hour at Tate. I had a fish pie and some lemon meringue and I managed to visit a gallery or two before taking a work phone call. Soon after I finished with the call I had to go as I had a 3 pm at Hammersmith Hospital.

I finished my day on Kilburn Road, picking up my antidepressants from Boots and shopping for presents at TK Maxx, because tonight we are flying to my hometown in Romania, boyfriend and I, to sort out some problems and see some friends.

So today was nice and slow, with us sleeping in, watching Planet Earth and me taking occasional interpreting calls in between sips of coffee and writing. I will have to start packing soon and this I definitely don’t enjoy. To be honest, all I want is for Saturday morning to come, when I will wake up in my bed in London, I will have breakfast in bed and then tidy up the garden to prepare it for all the pumpkin carving we will do with the kids next week.

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