The Boring Blog

My darlings,

I am leaving this blog. My life has entered a different stage and I feel the need to start fresh, from the writing point of view.

I am not deleting this blog because it contains so much of the last and most important part of my life. I am truly happy I captured in words so many moments and I am sure I will get back to them with great pleasure at some point.

I have started a new blog: It is not an aspirational blog, on the contrary, but a very personal one. I will mostly write about this life that sometimes overwhelms me, about struggling to stay on top of things while dealing with depression, working and being in a relationship. I will share my tips and I hope the readers will share theirs.

I am doing this because I am simply fed up with many bloggers writing for money only, with all their content being advertising. I would like to create a community around my blog, a club of people living beautifully on a budget.

Please go visit my new blog and/or follow me on Twitter. Thank you for reading this one, I hope to see you on the other one 🙂


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